Weekend Radar

Guys, we will not let a little thing like a weather forecast — or the fact that the world is going up in flames — stop us from living our best lives this weekend. The bad math of adulthood is the tacit trade of five days of labor for two days of fun; do not squander it in a La-Z-Boy.

Instead, check out this TLO inspo, for some weekend happenings that might surprise you with how progressive and fun Oklahoma City (and maybe even adulthood) can be:

Glitter Ball 2019
Saturday, January 19th | 8 p.m.
Tower Theatre, Oklahoma City

Glitter Ball is the weird, wild, wonderful winter dance party and art extravaganza presented by deadCenter Film and Kindt Events. This year’s party features a cabaret theme — set to have in store more music, dancing, and visual spectacle than ever before. And that is saying a lot. If you’ve ever been, you know what I mean (and if you’ve never been, fix that)! Proceeds benefit the programs of deadCenterFilm, which cemented Oklahoma City as the birthplace of one of the coolest independent film festivals in the world.

2019 Women’s March – Oklahoma 
Sunday, January 20th | 1:30 – 4 p.m.
Oklahoma State Capitol, Oklahoma City

Women…what are you gonna do with us? Well, if you’re the government, you’re gonna fuck us hard, then kill our healthcare and take our money. Sounds like a bad Tinder date, but it’s real life with ovaries in the U.S. The 2019 Women’s March — happening in Oklahoma on Sunday afternoon — marks two years of resistance to the Trump presidency, two years of training new activists, and two years of building power. Oklahoma women want to march so bad, we pushed back our march by one day, so that we could march in D.C. on Saturday, fly home, and march again. Join some of the most badass women in our state. Bring your daughters, your winter coats and your outdoor voice.

ArtNow 2019 Closing Party
Friday, January 18th | 8 p.m.
Oklahoma Contemporary, Oklahoma City

Art-loving tastemakers and cocktail-sippers: I’ll see you Friday night! ArtNowOklahoma Contemporary’s annual exhibition of Oklahoma-based contemporary artists, closes out another groundbreaking show with a blowout party and art sale. This is last call to behold — or buy — the one-of-kind ArtNow works, co-curated by Alyson Atchison and Patrick Reynolds for the 2019 exhibit. Funds raised help keep Oklahoma Contemporary exhibitions open free of charge, year-round.

Know of something that should be on our Weekend Radar? Let us know.