KFOR names Mason Dunn as new chopper pilot!

A familiar voice is returning to the Oklahoma storm chasing scene! Earlier today, KFOR Channel 4 announced that Mason Dunn – Gary England’s old chopper pilot at Channel 9 – will be the new pilot of Not Bob Moore Air Comfort Solutions Chopper 4. Mason will be replacing Jon Welsh, who replaced Jim Gardner in 2012, […]

Kevin Stitt doesn’t want to live in the Governor’s Mansion…

Now that Kevin Stitt has been governor for almost a week, some of the top priorities of his administration are starting to take focus. One of them includes spending millions of dollars to make the Oklahoma Governor’s mansion habitable. Via News 9: Governor Stitt is planning to move his family from Tulsa to Oklahoma City this summer, once his kids […]

Racism makes surprise public return visit to OU campus!

After a few years of hiding in the underground where the Oklahoma ruling class prefers it to stay, blatant and obvious racism made a public return to the University of Oklahoma over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday with the surprise release of a Snapchat video showing a white racist sorority girl giggling around in black face and proclaiming… well… […]

TLO Weekend News Recap

Every time we get jaded about radical weather changes in Oklahoma, we get a week like we just had. There was fog, lightning, snow, 30 degree temperature shifts, 40+ mph winds- basically, any dumb thing a meteorologist could wish for other than a tornado.  Hell, last night we even had a total lunar eclipse on […]