Lawmaker now wants counties to decide if SQ788 is right for them…

We’re barely into 2019, which looks to be a landmark year for getting faded in Oklahoma. It’ll be the first full year since Prohibition when we can legally smoke weed and buy high-point beer and wine everywhere. Most people in my metro-area bubble are like, ‘Oh hell yeah bring it on!,’ but there are still some sticklers out there.

Enter State Rep Casey Murdock. If you have any questions of his pedigree, just check out the absurdities he shares on Facebook. He introduced a bill to look out for all the Oklahomans out there who’s main contextual knowledge of marijuana is their worn-down VHS copy of ‘Reefer Madness.’

From KFOR:

OKLAHOMA CITY – Six months after Oklahoma voters approved a measure legalizing medical marijuana, an Oklahoma lawmaker has filed a bill that would allow counties to decide whether or not the measure applies to their area.

In June, over 891,000 voters cast their ballots in regards to State Question 788, which legalizes medical marijuana in Oklahoma. Ultimately, the measure passed by a majority vote…

Senate Bill 325, which was authored by Sen. Casey Murdock, would add restrictions to where medical marijuana can be consumed, sold or possessed.

“A county may, by vote of a majority of the registered voters in the county, restrict or prohibit the possession, consumption, transport, sale, cultivation or manufacture of marijuana or marijuana products, or any combination thereof,” the bill states.

Murdock told KJRH that his measure would give counties flexibility.

“The locals, whether it’s the municipalities or whether it is the local law enforcement, they’re the ones that are going to have to deal with this new law,” Sen. Casey Murdock (R-District 27) said.

Great idea, huh? Maybe we should also allow counties to opt out of the archaic legislation our rural conservative lawmakers pass each legislative session. I’m sure most of the people in Oklahoma county would be on board with that.

I’m feeling like a broken record over here, but does anyone else find it batshit insane that our lawmakers are constantly lecturing us on how the government should stay out of our lives in order to protect our freedom, and then anxious to roll back things like the legalization of marijuana?

Sometimes I also wonder if they’re just scared of receiving state revenue, because then they’d have to spend it on useless functions like schools and roads. Reports are coming in that in December alone, Oklahoma posted almost $1,000,000 in marijuana sales, which roped in about $70,000 in state taxes. And that’s all in a less-than-ideal scenario where there aren’t nearly enough growers to meet the supply (Editor’s Note: That’s about to change dramatically), and there’s a backlog of patients awaiting their $100 license to purchase.

Whether Casey Winkler likes it or not, the green rush is here, and the state can either embrace it for the sake of its own citizens and our collective coffers, or be dicks about the whole thing because of some kind of misplaced dedication to community morality.

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30 Responses

  1. The part about this that bothers me the most is the trend in GOP politics to just bow off the rules. They tried every dirty trick in the book to kill 788 (and I think they found about 10,000 no votes in the bushes somewhere) and it still passed. But look around the country and it’s everywhere.

    In WI and NC they lose the Governors race and then hamstring the incoming Democrat on the way out the door. In the United States Senate the GOP sat on a supreme court nomination for a year among numerous lesser affronts to the democratic process.

    Every time you turn around these days there is some Republican asshole taking a shit on the Constitution like the shoe will never again be on the other foot and none of this will ever backfire on them.

    1. “Every time you turn around these days there is some Republican asshole taking a shit on the Constitution like the shoe will never again be on the other foot and none of this will ever backfire on them.”

      Don’t hold back, now, give ’em hell! LOL.

  2. Republicans are not the party of small government, and as much as they like to hem and haw about the Democrats wanting to control private aspects of our lives, they’ve always had those same aspirations. They just have a different vision for the life they wish to force upon everyone else.

    1. It depends. Republicans want to control the moral aspects of our lives just to pander to their constituents. Democrats want control by taxing everything and redistributing the wealth just to pander to their constituents. Neither side really beleives themselves the crap they are shoveling, they just love the power. Sad part is no one side is right and history has proven that. All of us stuck in the middle that want things done and a little common sense used are screwed. This coming from a registered Republican but soon to be independent.

      1. You say what you believe each “side” wants, then say that neither side believes its own “crap.” Hmmm….

        Republicans DO want to control the private (moral?) aspects of our lives, and Democrats DO want to see a bit of wealth distribution.

        Put in terms of a recent widely quoted statement, many if not most Democrats believe that it’s a broken system that allows billionaires with ever-increasing wealth to co-exist alongside extreme poverty, alongside people dying in the street if they can’t pay for health care. While the middle class shrinks year by year….

        The top marginal income tax rate during the Eisenhower Administration was over 90%. It was 70% throughout the 1960s and 1970s. And somehow, America had its strongest middle class in its history during those decades. I could go for that kind of wealth distribution, along with a robust estate tax of, say, 50% on estates over $10 million and 70% on estates over $1 billion.

        The truth is that BOTH sides believe the crap they are shoveling. But the GOP only believes in small government and personal freedom in the abstract. In the specific, they believe in “crap” like medicine by county option.

        Here’s a thought: how about county option in Oklahoma for abortion clinics?

        1. Props to you sir.
          The vast majority of Americans have no clue about marginal taxation, albeit how the rates work. So, Oklahoma being a perfect example, the GOP can shovel lies around “they’re gonna take 70% of your (my) income, and Obama will take your guns!” to the uninformed proletariat, and those poor fools will line up to vote GOP. When we start making lies in politics a terminable offense, then maybe we’ll see change…until then, we are going to be at the mercy of mental midgets. (no offense to little people!).

      2. Every other industrialized and civilized country on the planet EXCEPT the US has decided that for the welfare of their citizens and good of their country there should be cradle-to-grave FREE health care, which does involve a little bit of income distribution in order to pay for it. In some countries they also include FREE education from primary through college for EVERY child.

        Sometimes a little income redistribution helps the country as a whole and can be a good thing. Yes, the people in other countries pay a higher income tax rate, but they have decided that the outcome far outweighs the costs evidently, as those countries now have a higher life-expectancy than in the US, a higher overall standard of living, and far less “poor people” per capita.

        In my opinion, someone driving a jacked-up-to-Jesus F250 SuperDuty pulling a big-ass motor home with a trailer stacked with 5 $14,000 Razr’s on their way to Little Sahara to play for the weekend can’t really claim they can’t afford to give up a little of the money they have obviously spent on toys so that everyone in the country can have free health care and education. Just my observation

  3. County option. Geez, where have I heard that before?

  4. I think it is all about the revenue. Those lil’ bitty counties of 5k people or so still have to pay a sheriff, judges, court clerks, deputies, etc. But now they cant shake down the out of towners like they used too, and sales taxes arent enough to make up the difference.

    1. I think you’ve got it!

    2. Bingo. Law enforcement is pissed over losing all that revenue. And not just in the Panhandle.

      Take Osage County and the town of Pawhuska (please!), which is about to get sued into the ground for its treatment of the crew of a semi delivering a truckload of LEGAL hemp from Kentucky to Colorado. The $500K of product is spoiling of mold while officials dither.

      Their would-be Osage “gold mine” is going to wind up costing the citizens there a fortune.

      1. Yeah, and now we know those roadside drug test kits used by law enforcement to test for MJ are useless.
        MJ or hemp…test results for both are positive for THC.
        Must be the demand for MJ in Colorado is huge.

  5. Dry Counties… is not a new concept…. Hazard county has been at it for years…. now go get uncle Jesse and fire up the General Lee… we got a run to make…. turn left at copper head road…. just keep an eye out for Roscoe P. Coltrane and boss Hog (pictured above)…

    1. And this time around, Cousin Daisy is in charge of the whole outfit!!!

  6. each county is setting their own rules as is towns , problem being they conflict with rules set in place by the states government , therefore , this causes problems for the industry it’s self , and if w are to every go x-port and import , that’s going to bring real headaches, just like we are seeing now with the truck pulled over for a broken tail light , which should have been a warning and not a search and cease . then they threw in no marijuana licence < what now truckers have to have a licences to take a haul ? unfounded . all this is causing nothing but conflict .

    1. Who needs a license to do what…

    2. Alma M Mercer, come on, don’t be shy, admit it, you’re an elected official, yes? I can tell by the skill in writing language that may end up as a filed bill soon!

      I think you are firmly in that group when told the biggest problem facing our country was ignorance and apathy and your responded with great enthusiasm: “I don’t know what you just said and frankly, I don’t give a damn”.

    3. All you can say about that is welcome to Oklahoma. Looks like we’ll fuck this up much sooner than normal.

  7. So I forget who brought it up, I think we all can agree that some legislation needs to be passed regarding the introduction of such tripe bills and the legal fight that ensues. If it is deemed unconstitutional or downright against the wishes of the majority vote. Then the lawmaker that introduced it should have to pay all fees and expenses involved, not just $50.

    And just wait, The Oklahoma Farm Bureau is pushing Stitt to once again introduce and try to pass SQ777, “The Right to Farm”. Which is some fancy wording for what it really is, the right to let foreign owned agricultural entities change the wording to our State Constitution regarding water rights and agricultural practices, aka the coffin nails for the family farmer.

  8. It’s good fodder for TLO and other media, but I’ve learned not to get too worked up over most of the bills that are initially filed. Yes, we know there are a lot of crazies in the Legislature, but this type of stuff is just pandering to their base. Most are never heard in committee.

    1. You’re correct, but these elected officials still decided to propose these bills. So… fuck them for wasting everyone’s time.

      1. True, but I’d go with impeachment for fraud waste and abuse.
        Foisting bills that are in direct conflict to a law that is on the books sounds like cognitive dissonance and an attempt to subvert the will of the people.
        But hey, what would I know? I’m only a tax payer.

  9. What the hell? Is there a state law that all our legislators have pictures of themselves in fake “cowboy” hats? This clown and the Allen character a couple of articles down.

    Back to the bill. Why just counties, it should be up to the individual towns – or – HOAs. Maybe divide it up by the 5000+ school districts (may be a slight exaggeration)?

  10. The same counties would also be in favor of voting out Strong Beer & Wine. If Strong Beer and Wine isn’t added to this proposal, then I am sad to report that Casey Murdock has probably taken DIRTY MONEY from Walmart, Quik Trip, Luvs, 7-11, On Cue, Etc.

    Who else stands to loose money competing with Medical Marijuana? CBD Oil Stores. A TON of these stores opened just before 788 passed, hoping they would be the go to after 788 failed. I’m sad to report, Casey Murdock has probably taken DIRTY MONEY from the CBD OIL Retail Industry in Oklahoma.

    Other possible “contributors” could include, Big Pharmaceuticals, Chambers of Commerce all over The State. All of these… contributors to the Vote No on State Question 788 camp. Imagine their surprise. It breaks my heart to report that Casey Murdock has probably taken DIRTY MONEY from any or all of these contributors.

    When I was around 11 years old, my Grandfather sat me down and told me about politicians that took dirty money. Grampa called them Democrats.

  11. Surely not! To quote Larry The Cable Guy ” that’s damn funny, I don’t care who you are!” If I’s said this some Lost Ogle groupie would have castigated me by now –

    Todd Russ and this guy are the equivalent of a wrestling tag team! Cut from the same piece of cloth…..

  12. We decided that when we voted for SQ 788. This is nonsense. If you don’t want to utilize cannabis, then don’t. But don’t try to stop patients that need it from getting it and reaping the benefits of a plant. Is he going to push for counties to be able to ban opioids and other prescription medications? Which by the way have been proven to be much more harmful than cannabis ever thought about being. This is a plant for Christ’s sake (one that God put on this earth for us to use btw). He is either being paid off by big Pharma (good possibility) or he is just ignorant. Either way, this bill needs to go away.

    1. Finally, someone recognizes why many of us voted for the bill in the first place. Thank you.

  13. Well my grandpa told me… see the white hat. that thar… that’s an asshat (pictured above)

  14. Hey Ogle Mole network call to arms. Everyone knows everyones history in that part of the State.
    Former classmates, teachers, girlfriends, neighbors. Share your knowledge and what makes this dude tick.

  15. If the statewide question would not have passed then there is no way we would be allowed to vote on it at the county level. SO HELL NO!!!!!!!!! I am sick and tired of having other people’s morality and choices forced down my throat! It was a statewide vote on a STATEWIDE QUESTION and IT PASSED! DEAL WITH IT. Like they used to tell us when we begged for medical marijuana – “IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT THEN MOVE TO COLORADO.” Well now I say – “If you don’t like it then move to Texas where it’s still illegal.” KEEP IT LEGAL IN OKLAHOMA! AND FOLLOW YOUR OWN ADVICE! LEAVE IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT! If you want to make a POSITIVE change for Oklahoma then make recreational alcohol use illegal!

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