New Lawmaker Wants to Raise Turnpike Speed Limit to 80mph!

Iconic author and humorist Mark Twain once stated, “I am quite sure now that often, very often, in matters concerning religion and politics a man’s reasoning powers are not above the monkey’s.” And here at The Lost Ogle, often times our articles on Oklahoma lawmakers are pretty good at providing evidence to support Twain’s claims when it comes to our politicians.

From sexism and sexual assault, to fear mongering and most recently messing with our medical marijuana, Oklahoma lawmakers are known for being ridiculous. However, things may be changing.  That’s because State Representative Daniel Pae of Lawton, America has put more thought and reason into one bill than all of his colleagues put into the entire 2018 legislative session.

Via News on 6…

TULSA, Oklahoma – An Oklahoma legislator is introducing a bill that would increase the speed limit along turnpikes.

The bill was proposed by State Representative Daniel Pae, a new lawmaker from Lawton.

It would raise the speed limit from 75 to 80 on turnpikes outside of city limits.

HOT DAMN. Now instead of puttering along at a slow and steady 75-mph, Oklahomans may soon be able to cruise at a cool 80 on the turnpike. Oh, who am I kidding. Everyone already takes a 75-mph speed limit as permission to travel at least 80, if not 85. But whatever lets me legally shave 7-12 minutes off of a trip to Tulsa to actually see a non-country musician perform in concert is fine with me.

We’ve been doing some research to find out what the speed limit is on turnpikes in neighboring areas. Drivers on Kansas turnpikes can go up to 75 and it’s not unusual to see drivers on Texas turnpikes traveling at 85 miles per hour, which is their limit.

If this bill passes and Governor Stitt signs it, it would go into effect in November of this year.

Now, Governor Stitt’s conservative ideology and anti-vaxxer stance doesn’t always align with my belief system. However, this could be his chance to redeem himself in this young registered independent’s eyes. If he can do us Oklahomans a solid by signing this new speed limit into law, I’ll return the favor by writing fewer articles that criticize his eyebrows.

Hayley has terrible eyebrows too. Especially for a millennial. Follow her on twitter @squirrellygeek

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21 Responses

  1. On the upside this will cull the population of idiots in our State just a little bit more…

  2. Great. 80 mph on third-world pavement.

  3. I don’t know. Maybe actual traffic/highway engineers should set the speed limits on the highways they designed, built, and maintain.

    The guy looks woke but Derplahoma (and most states) legislaturees* aren’t up to the task of actual governing let alone traffic management.

    I rate this bill – Unqualified.

    *may not be an actual word according to my spellchecker – but what does it/she/they know.

  4. MTGA – Make the Turnpike Great Again! Give this guy a flattop and let him negotiate the speed with Stitt!

  5. Another great…. now the unposted limit will be 90 mph or above. Can’t believe the insurance associations think this a good idea b

  6. More speed is great on center barrier roads UNLESS there is an accident then you stop and watch and wait for them to clear the road and get traffic flowing again. On our pikes the faster you go the more accidents you are going to have. Even though they think they are, most drivers are Not high speed driving qualified. Don’t believe me, just run up and down Turner on a regular basis. Very seldom do you see a Trooper. Not their fault they are way understaffed Just a pop quiz…raise your hand if you run 5 to 10 or more over when on the turnpike. See who needs their permission anyway!

  7. Forget raising the maximum. Let’s raise the minimum to 65. If Grandma can’t handle the Buick at that speed she needs to go via Route 66 and stop every few miles to support the local antique stores between here and Tulsa.

  8. Put even more Tigers in your tank. Or jacked up howdy wagon,urban assault vehicle or whatever.
    More speed equates to more traffic fatalities,pollution and deteriorates the highway infrastructure that the petro-chemical industry will not pay fix.
    But hey,if it creates a few dozen more jobs at Wynnewood and puts a few million tax free dollars(due to the generous Gubbmint subsidies)then WTF?
    Meanwhile our best and brightest leave the state for better opportunities.
    Suits me,once in a more equitable environment they become and vote liberal.
    Either way the republican eagle of happiness is in it’s death throes and these nimrods are supplying the morphine.
    Good riddance to bad garbage,i say.

  9. I hate it when I’m cruising north from Texas at 75 on I-35 , then have to drop to 70 in Oklahoma on a four-lane divided highway. Our demand should be, “75 on 35!”

  10. Is it within our budget to change all those speed limit signs, even with Mexican labor?

    1. Like we need to change the signs, everyone already speeds anyway. We should just sell our signs to a state that enforces the law.

  11. I love driving on our turnpikes. I call it the “Ricky Bobby effect”, if you ain’t first yer last. I am opposed to raising the speed limit. Sorry not sorry but with the lack of law enforcement due to budget cuts and the fact that the average citizen cannot be trusted to obey even the simplest of laws, i.e. cell phone usage while driving, this will only lead to more fatality accidents.

  12. Are the State Police who patrol our turnpikes fully taxpayer funded? Salaries? Benefits? Training?
    Are the vehicles they use and the fuel burned taxpayer funded? Purchase of new vehicles? Vehicle maintenance? Vehicle repairs?
    When citations issued on turnpikes by State Police result in fines, were does the revenue go? State general fund? OTA?
    How much money is transferred from the state treasury to the OTA annually? For highway maintenance and improvements? For any purpose?

    1. No, the State Police patrolling our turnpikes are not fully taxpayer-funded.

      They don’t exist in this state.

    2. we don’t have State police (OSBI) and everything troopers use Cars, Salaries, guns, equipment in general are paid by The Oklahoma Turnpike Auth. also Trooper tickets all go to the county they are written in

  13. sounds good to me , since in Europe its already that way .

    1. Most of Europe is 130 kph (~80 mph) or 120 kph (~75 mph) on much better maintained roads. Speed enforcement is also stricter (though not if you have Swiss plates in Switzerland). Photo for the most part. They don’t care who is driving; if a car registered to you is caught – you pay. Vacationing in a rental car? Tickets just the same – goes on your credit card from the rental company. Private car? They send it to a collection agency AND it’s noted on your travel. Visit again and you’ll be asked to pay up.

      1. The German Autobahn uses rolling speed limits displayed by electronic signs.

  14. All For it. They need to lower big truck speed in the state to 65. Not only would their insurers love it. they would make it safer for all.

    1. Sean have you ever heard of dual speed limits, one for “large cars” that bend in the middle, and one for normal size vehicles? You might want to talk to the Texas Department of Public Safety and see how that worked for them. Not very well as I recall. Also a lot of trucking companies have their trucks governed between 62 and 68 mph. Mandated by their insurance company. Now if you really want to stir some poo-poo suggest they keep large cars off the turnpike. When you do, be sure to duck and cover. From my experience, truck drivers are the safest group of drivers on the road. It’s the modern day gypsies that give them a bad name. As we live we learn!

    2. The tires used on 18 wheelers and many other large trucks are DOT rated for speeds not to exceed 65 mph.

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