TLO Weekend News Recap

It was a big weekend in for hunky singers from popular groups who went solo. Yes, I’m talking about Peter Murphy at the Tower Theater, of course. Whose heart doesn’t flutter when they see an old goth dude onstage? Oh yeah, there was also some guy from N*Sync playing downtown on Saturday. I only know about this because the bar I work at had its basement flooded from all the horny suburban moms who came out to drink and party and scream at each other after the show. Some other stuff happened last weekend:


Mad Max: Fury Road is perhaps the most perfect action movie ever made, but that does not mean it’s okay to huff cans and drive like a War Boy. Be better, Edmondites. Along those lines…

Edmond Is Trying To Elect A Dead Man

This is more than just a little weird and creepy, especially since they are using a corpse as a political pawn to put somebody in office who didn’t even run. If we’re going to do this, can we at least elect the duster-huffing War Boy?

The Habana Inn Has Been Sold

Hopefully, this ends up as a good news story. Out-of-state money is scary, but with the investors being from LA, we can be optimistic that it won’t be conservative ownership ruining what is arguably the heart of the LGBTQ+ district. The article only mentions that there will be renovations and a name change to ‘Hotel Habana,’ which sounds like the name of a great reality show. Bravo, are you listening? I have a pitch. Send out an exec, we’ll play pool at the Finishline and hash out the details.

In other neighborhood news, a few weeks ago the 39th Street District made a big announcement:

After OKC Pride’s recent embezzlement scandal, this is probably for the better. It also just makes sense for the neighborhood to take control of the festivities instead of relying on a third-party.

This Is Why Local Media Is Dying

If you’re going to run an advertisement, at least have the dignity of asking for money instead of just doing this for free. For the record, I did not click the link, and neither should you.

This Dude Hacked The Police

Hacking the cops is some pretty badass 1990’s movie kinda shit, but doing it to try to get your ex-girlfriend arrested is really weak. He could have at least had the initiative to pitch an idea to a big evil corporation:

Fake News

Yeah I’m just never ever gonna believe it, because I constantly see shit like this:

The OU Racists Made It To SNL

We’re always famous for the worst things in Oklahoma, but those elements are TLO’s bread and butter too, sooo…

Steven’s Sports Beat

Let me start by admitting I was a KD hater from the beginning, when most of the Thunder Nation loved him. It all stemmed from his playing round ball at UT. Clearly, even at 18, he did not make good decisions. Now that most people shed their old number 35 jerseys, he announced his intentions to come back to the 405 for Nick C’s number retirement. Damn you Kevin. +10 points

You know you keep good company when, in a room full of men mingling with a Thunder game softly playing on TV in the background, PG pulls a clutch 3 and the room erupts. My people. We’re on the downward slide of the season and this is a good time for them to start hitting on all cylinders.

Everyone across the Sooner state knows Carrie Underwood is from this great state. Half probably know her hubby played professional hockey in the NHL. The rub comes from just how few people have even watched a hockey game. I mean, this is a sport not sanctioned by the OSSAA.

The Big 12 vs SEC challenge was this past weekend, and both state schools took care of business. In fact, the Big 12 took the SEC 6-4 and while most people say you should always root for the Big 12 Conference, there was a bit of happiness that the Texass Longhorns got beat by UGA. (-Steven)

Steve Lackmeyer Is A Curmudgeon

Had to bring this old feature back because there is no way we could leave this tweet behind. Come for the @ mention directed at CVS, stay for the Tony Orlando references.

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