5 celebrities we’d like to see in Governor Kevin Stitt’s cabinet

Earlier this week, News 9 reported that Governor Kevin Stitt is on the hunt for qualified and hardworking individuals to fill his cabinet positions. And so far, I’ve been disappointed in Stitt’s choices. I was kind of hoping he would go the same route as his dream boat Donald Trump and hire a few celebrities […]

Oklahoma House produces boring 2019 Hype Video…

Considering they’re about as popular as Mary Fallin microwaving leftover curry in the teachers’ lounge, one of the big priorities for lawmakers in 2019 is to apparently restore the faith and trust of the Oklahoma people. To accomplish this laughable goal, and try to make Oklahomans forget about all the pain and humiliation they’ve caused this century, they’re pulling out all […]

First Kiss at the Belle Isle Public Library

With all the recent news of the renovations that Belle Isle Public Library with be undoubtedly put through over the next year or so, I returned there for the first time in about two decades. It looked like plenty of renovations have already taken place over the years—I hardly recognized anything. Where’s the microfiche machine? […]