Your most trusted-trusted source for all-things Oklahoma City is back with its weekly feature, TLO Weekend Radar, highlighting a few of the most promising happenings in the metro.

This weekend, we are particularly excited for some beer, boys and bullshit; an elder millennial comic; and a few hot sardines.

PBR Rodeo
Feb. 1st & 2nd
Chesapeake Energy Arena

Beer, boys and bullshit. Spend a few hours this weekend deeply conflicted on whether you feel worse for the bull or the man who stupidly decided to climb on top it. There may be few things more iconic of our great state and city than the Professional Bull Rider’s Rodeo. It’s all the best parts of Nascar crashes and hockey fights, with every single swing of the gate. You definitely do not want to see a man gored to death by two tons of angry cow, but you a little bit do. With Graham’s long shut down now, the PBR Rodeo is every reason you need to fish out those cowperson boots and that ostentatious belt buckle you own, because…well, you live in Oklahoma, and that’s just how we do.

Iliza: Elder Millenial Tour
Feb. 2nd | 7 p.m.
The Criterion

Comedian Iliza Shlesinger brings her biting brand of comedy to Bricktown this weekend. Playing the Criterion on Saturday, check out her take on dealing with adulting as a millennial. This same special is available on Netflix, but you don’t get the joy of dealing with parking, unpredictable Oklahoma air temperatures and the impenetrable throng of humanity jostling for a glimpse at Iliza’s amazing abs. If you are going to pry yourself off the couch this weekend, might as well go to the real-life version of something you were probably gonna watch anyway.

Pops 4: The Hot Sardines
Feb. 1st & 2nd | 8 p.m.
OKC Civic Center

Setting aside what might truly be the worst possible band name ever, if you are feeling particularly jazzy, swingin’ or bored this weekend, check out The OKC Philharmonic’s presentation of The Hot Sardines, as a part of their Pops 4 series. Overly-enthusiastic bass plucking, accordion-wielding vocalists and aggressive trumpeting is actually kind of fun to watch, truth be told. If the current state of affairs, both locally and nationally, has you down, what better way to escape than allowing the tunes to transport you to the golden age of jazz! Find yourself in a time when relaxing, recreational substances are unnecessarily policed, the economy is in shambles, and the capitol is chock-full of possibly-corrupt, old, white guys…wait…well, the music was killer at least.

Have something that should be on our radar? Let us know.

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