Metro Music Showcase: February

Welcome back to another edition of the monthly TLO Metro Music Showcase, where we highlight some of the best live music for you to check out over the next month!

The Showcase is brought to you by our friends at Play It Loud – a web documentary music series produced by Outsiders Productions that profiles Oklahoma musicians. For the second episode of this season, they’re featuring KALO. She talks about her early roots in music and busts out some wild slide guitar. You can catch her — and these other talented musicians — this month in the metro:

Wednesday, February 6th
The Deli, Norman

When local music seems too loud, too bluesy, too country, too punk or too one-thing-or-another, there’s always an artist like Jarvix to provide some outsider weirdness to break you out of your zone. With a ukulele, some loop pedals and a sense of humor akin to They Might Be Giants, this will be a good show to enjoy over a few Red Cups at The Deli.

Aaron Carter
Friday, February 8th
89th Street, Oklahoma City

It’s almost expected that the younger brother of one of the Backstreet Boys also had a pop career and turned into a troubled artist in his own right, but who among us hasn’t shared those struggles! The coolest thing about this show is that he’s performing in one on the most historically dingy clubs in OKC. Like, the fact that Aaron Carter is going to sing on the same stage that The Murder Junkies once played is insane.

Sara Evans
Saturday, February 9th
Grand Casino, Shawnee

She’s had five #1 singles, sold millions of records, won the Academy of Country Music’s Top Female Vocalist Award and claimed a Country Music Association trophy for her signature song, Born To Fly. It’s tough to imagine many accomplishments Sara Evans hasn’t already checked off her bucket list, so — if you love country music — see her in concert to check one off yours.

Lucy Dacus
Monday, February 11th
Opolis, Norman

Richmond, VA is overlooked for their music scene, but they’ve been home to some big sleepers over the years. If you need an introduction, here is Lucy Dacus and her band. It’s fitting that she’s signed to Matador, because her music is a bit of a throwback to some of her early labelmates, like Belle & Sebastian and Cat Power — but with more of an edge.

Wednesday, February 13th
Tower Theatre, Oklahoma City

If I haven’t already painfully dated myself in this column, this will put a pin on it. I remember when Cursive’s album The Ugly Organ came out, during my first year of college, and it was kind of a big deal. That’s all I’d really listened to, so it’s pretty cool that they’re still around, doing their thing and making music that sounds like that era…which is to say, emo-influenced indie rock with big ideas.

Make Them Suffer
Thursday, February 21st
Diamond Ballroom, Oklahoma City, OK, US

Australia is a weird place that has somehow managed to crank out a lot of cool music. Chances are, if you’re going to a show at Diamond Ballroom, you’re into metal. Make Them Suffer is able to pack in progressive elements with the brutality of metalcore, in a way that is seamless — especially considering how heavy-handed metal bands tend to be, when incorporating any sense of musicality that isn’t sheer technicality.

Play It Loud – LIVE
Saturday, February 23rd
Grand Casino, Shawnee

If you’ve been following this beat for a while, you’ve likely heard the artists that will be showcased at the Grand Casino’s Play It Loud Live 2 concert. The Play It Loud series highlights Oklahoma musicians that display their roots in new and creative ways. This live event features Hosty, Allie Lauren Project, Travis Linville and KALO.

Sunday, February 24th
89th Street, Oklahoma City

This is the most excited I’ve been about a show for a looooong time. I’ve seen Daughters twice, but it’s been like 15 years since I saw them last. They originated as one of those screamy grindcore bands that followed in the trails of The Locust (and they were the best to try to duplicate that sound), but then they evolved into something else. Subsequent albums invoked strains of The Jesus Lizard, and after an eight-year hiatus, they released You Won’t Get What You Want in 2018. No other album has captured the bleak hopelessness of the particular era that we’re living in more succinctly, and it’s my favorite LP from last year. If you’re a nihilist like me, do not miss this show.

KISS: End of the Road World Tour
Tuesday, February 26th
Chesapeake Energy Arena, Oklahoma City

This is allegedly KISS’s last tour ever, and to that I say, good riddance. At their best, they were mediocre, at their mediocre-est they were bad, and at their worst they were abysmal. If you were a teenager in the 1970s, I totally get it. But, beyond that, what’s the attraction? A bunch of assholes in cheap face-paint playing hookless arena rock. All that said, I really wanna see a KISS concert anyway, so if anyone’s got the hookup, PLEASE get in touch. I’ll wear my Lick It Up t-shirt, and we can talk about the Peter Criss autobiography.