We can complain about the Super Bowl every year, and last night was as bad as it gets. It’s a toxic league that places owners first and players second. The NFL is regressive with how they treat very serious social issues. And of course, yet again, Tom Brady won one for Papa John and will go on to shake hands with his other buddy Donald Trump at the White House. Professional sports in America are reflective of the rest of our national reality, and right now that means the Big Winners will keep Winning Big. Life sucks, sports suck, here is some other news:

Bye Bye Birdie

Scooters are so conflicting for me. I hate car culture and desperately want to see people use other modes of transportation to get around. But at the same time, those goddamn scooters have me shaking my fist like an old man whenever somebody riding one whizzes past me on the sidewalk. Instead of a serious transit option, they just seem like toys for drunk people. Bon voyage, and take Lime with you on your way out.

Homeland Still Sucks

Ever since Homeland upgraded their old location on Classen, people have been freaking out about how nice it is, as if they did more to improve the shopping experience than just stocking kombucha and sushi. Now, they’ve shrunk the already meager produce section to add a bunch of expensive sugar water. Who needs spinach when there’s $3 bottles of artisanal Squirt?

RIP Bricktown Chelino’s

I’ve got more fond memories of Chelino’s than any other spot in Bricktown. So many pleasant warm afternoons on that patio, sipping margs and munching enchiladas. I had one particularly boozy late lunch there with Patrick after the Oklahoma Craft Beer Festival a few years back. Thankfully, the other Chelino’s locations will remain open, but this one leaves a gaping hole in my heart.

Here Is Oklahoma’s Creepiest Man

When you look like Steve Buscemi is too handsome to play you in the movie version of your life, times are tough. The name James Dick Junior doesn’t help either.

‘Cyber Seniors’

Is there a class to deprogram, where they teach you to just go back to a flip-phone? I’ll sign up for that one. The last thing we need is more old people on Facebook all the time.

Steven’s Sports Beat

Seth McFarland is the master of painful, awkward redirection. It’s almost like he’s the one that directed the 6 minutes and 30 seconds of zero offense. Imagine watching two music videos on mute. Half way through the second one you ask yourself, “What am I watching?”

For a lot of people, the mere mention of Tom Brady evokes the same reaction as Ted Bundy. It is at least comforting that Oklahoma’s own Micky Mantle is listed as a GOAT in Major League Baseball. Unfortunately, ‘denial’ is not a river in Egypt, because as great as “Joe Cool” Montana was, the 6th round draft pick out of Michigan is the same for the NFL.

And that was close to the final score, as the Thunder lost by 5. Still, after scoring 129 points, the offense is hitting on all cylinders. Russ got another triple double and six players scored double figures. Let’s just chalk the L to playing on the road in an iconic area.

A couple of the local new stations aired this story. OU fans better get past their Bedlam bias and send Recil a card or letter. There aren’t a lot of WWII veterans left and we need to appreciate the greatest generation because time is rapidly claiming this chapter in history.


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  1. People who watch the NFL don’t want social commentary. We get plenty of it everywhere else.

    And the owners, you know, own the teams. Want to make changes? Buy a team.

  2. Yogi won more than Mickey.

  3. Actually, the last thing we need is more Millennials on their damn cell phones while driving and being a danger to people that are smarter than them. They need to just drive themselves into a ditch instead of swerving all over the road while on their phones.

  4. Tough luck, fella. Go Pats.

  5. I’m far from a fan of the Patriots, but I cheered for them last night because it was wrong for the Rams to be in the game in the first place. Like them or not (I don’t), you gotta admit that Brady and Belichick are both geniuses at what they do.

    Meanwhile, the NFL is a perfect metaphor for capitalism, American style: the rich get richer, the poor…. well, you know. And if you show an independent streak and don’t toe the party line, you’re likely to find yourself unemployed and on the outside looking in.

    On another subject, I’m a fairly old guy who has zero patience for people my age who are electronically illiterate. If you’re an American who hasn’t learned to use a computer, a smartphone, and an iPad by now they should go ahead and bury you because you’re already dead to the world around you.

    And don’t tag all of us older people as being Facebook freaks. I have hated Facebook from the git-go. I set up an account once and someone sent me a friend request. So I accepted it, and then the friend requests and bullshit and emails started pouring in. So I stripped the account down to nothing, all but deleting it but keeping it alive so I could log in to read pages of some organizations to which I belong. Facebook sucks, big time. I hate it when businesses use Facebook as their website rather than having an actual website. I’ll shop somewhere else.

    End of rant.

    1. So please explain this NFL/Capitalism metaphor to me again. The NFL operates with a hard salary cap. Everybody has the same amount to spend. The Patriots have won consistently with a rotating cast of supporting players, the only things really remaining consistent are Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Brady was the 199th pick of the 2000 draft. ANY team could’ve had him, multiple times and he’s managed to play into his 40’s. Belichick had floated around the league for several years. He was head coach of the Browns for 5 seasons until they fired him (typical Browns move). Again, anyone could’ve have had him. The “richest” franchise I suppose would be the Dallas Cowboys (Forbes est of $4.8 billion vlaue) have won 4 playoff games in 22 years. How do you explain last years champs? In typical leftist/socialist style, you choose to over look hard work, planning and just plain good luck in an attempt to validate a socioeconomic fantasy.

      1. As you surely know, the NFL salary caps aren’t so “hard.” And one could equally argue that the caps, such as they are, limit the amount of compensation that is available to players – which in turn increases owners’ profits, which is always Job One.

        Yes, talent and genius matter a lot too. Which I pointed out in mentioning Brady and Belichick.

        You didn’t address the reasons why highly talented but uppity players find themselves unemployed.

        None are so blind as those who will not see.

        1. Salary cap flexible? – Incorrect. The NFL, unlike MLB or NBA have a hard cap. This means that the teams can’t surpass the # set by the collective bargaining agreement with the players association. The NFLPA has the ability to bargain collectively for the players and determine the % of profit that is committed to salary. There is currently the 89% rule in place that states that each team must spend at least 89% of their allotted cap $ each year. The players vote on the contract each bargaining period, they also have the ability to strike, which they have done. If they don’t like the contract, it’s on them. Unions for MLB and the NBA have historically done a better job in bargaining, thus the soft caps in both sports (luxury taxes). Yes, the NFL is a business and yes, profits are maximized. Your attempt to make the words “profit maximization” a pejorative are the same old socialists BS coming from the latest in a line of BS peddlers.

          So if talent and genius are so critical, why the statement “the rich get richer”?

          Signing a marginal player (Kaepernick), who immediately alienates 50% of your fan base is an extremely poor business decision. The NFL needs to decide, are they a business or a social justice organization? I enjoyed watching Kaepernick play and, at one time he was one of the better players in the league. In his final years in SF he wasn’t. As a GM I can find players just as good, who aren’t the distraction Kaepernick brings. As one of the other more liberal posters put it, when commenting on the recent blackface incident at OU, to paraphrase “there is free speech, but not consequence free speech”. Just like any other job, if you wanna protest, do it on your time. If you’re wearing the uniform and on the job provided by your employer, alienating 1/2 your customers is not a good idea. If you wanna be an SJW, that’s OK, go do that. NFL players have PLENTY of opportunity and platforms off the field to further their agendas and should be encouraged to do so.

          None so blind as those who try and twist the narrative to fit their own biases.

        2. The NFL salary cap is mostly hard, as Hugenstein said. As far as I know, The only way you can possibly give a player money and not have it count against the cap is a certain type of incentive that is considered unlikely to be reached (like, say, a Buffalo Bills player winning the Super Bowl). Other than that, teams have to pony up at least 85% of the cap every year. The sport with the biggest big-market bias is probably the NBA, which has relatively soft caps, but rare periods when a bigger market team isn’t winning titles. MLB has no caps at all and the biggest markets often has long spurts of being mediocre because their teams are developed poorly.

          As far as “uppity” players, the NFL operates the same way that every other pro sport does. The more talented you are, the more you get away with. A hall of fame level talent gets a very long leash, and a lower tier starter or backup has absolutely none. That’s why Ray Lewis had a team his entire career, whereas a player like Tim Tebow or Colin Kaepernick don’t. Personally, I found the backlash against Kaepernick pretty idiotic, but most owners aren’t going to tolerate a distraction from a QB that started to show decreasing return on investment once the league began to figure him out.

        3. Just adding: Though Brady may be a Trump friend, he’s also a booster of Kap’s employment saying on numerous occasions that he can’t understand why Kap is not on a roster.

          Others pointed out the bad business decision due to 50% of the vocal fans of a number of teams being asshole MAGAhats.

  6. Another old person and regular reader of your page. Why are you on Facebook? That is where I read you. And why hate on old folks? We are your readers and believe it or not, customers of some of your advertisers. Plus, one day (soon, I am guessing) you will be old too. A little less ageism, please!

    1. Sure Lucas may be getting older and and of course he won’t live forever…. But with advances in modern science, and his high level of income, I mean, its not crazy to think he can’t live to be 245, maybe 300.

  7. It must be exhausting for Lucas to be so woke.

  8. Graychin when you made the comment about being “dead to the world around you” without a computer, smartphone AND ipad that told me what you do with most of your free time. Since I only use a computer and a smartphone I guess I am one with whom you have zero patience. Sorry sir but I have a lot more to do with my life than stay electronically connected every waking minute. As a septuagenarian I don’t plan to begin carrying an ipad into Panera or Starbucks so as to browse the web or read WSJ while drinking a cup. Keep posting, I enjoy reading even when they hit home in a negative way.

    1. I used to read the daily WSJ while grabbing a quick lunch alone. Now I read it on an iPad. I can’t imagine why that offends you.

      FGHOM, you obviously are sufficiently computer-literate to read TLO online and even to post comments here. My comment wasn’t intended to reference you, but to the extent that the shoe fits…

      1. Graychin now you have really hurt my feelings. Guess there is nothing else to do but go sit in the corner and pout while reading your posts on my smartphone. Stay well old man!? (You never know for sure on a site such as TLO.) Concluding, at my age very little offends. 🙂

      2. As a septuagenarian I use a laptop computer, an iPad and an iPhone on a daily basis. However, these devices are rarely if ever, stretched to the limits of their technical capabilities.
        The high-jacking of FB by nefarious individuals seeking to destroy our country led me to delete my FB account over 2 years ago. As a veteran and citizen, I viewed this as my patriotic duty…much like flying our flag on national holidays.
        The inability to separate propaganda from what we as Americans should know as facts and the truth, demonstrates how gullible and ill-informed we are as a society. We are and will continue to be viewed as fools on the world stage, not because of bad trade deals, but because we refuse to recognize the dangers these bad actors and con men represent to democracy and to our country.
        Russia…are you listening?

  9. #TeamLucas

  10. Absolutely insufferable.

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