OK Lawmaker wants to legalize having a medical marijuana card AND a handgun license!

There are multiple reasons why I don’t have a medical marijuana card. One reason is that I don’t consider myself to have a valid medical condition, like chronic pain, glaucoma, fear of ghosts, or whatever else qualifies an Oklahoman for a medical marijuana card. Two, I grew up with a narcotics detective as a parent who basically made the D.A.R.E. lion the patron saint of our family and no amount of therapy has allowed me to overcome the anxiety of letting Daren the Lion or Hank the Cop down by smoking weed.

Three is that as the law currently stands, if I want to keep my handgun license I can’t get a medical marijuana card. Because logically speaking if you carry a gun with you at all times, you don’t need treatment for chronic anxiety or anything like that. But a new bill heading to the Senate may soon allow Oklahomans to have their weed and shoot stuff too.


Senate Bill 959, authored by Sen. Nathan Dahm, would change the laws regarding firearms and marijuana.

Under the bill, it would still be illegal for anyone who is under the influence of marijuana to use or carry a gun.

“We currently have prohibitions. You can’t carry a firearm if you’re under the influence of alcohol or hallucinogens, non prescription drugs or even prescription drugs if they could have any sort effect or impair to your judgment or anything like that,” Dahm said. “So, this would include a provision in that to say you can’t carry if you’re under the influence of marijuana as well.”

Yes, because the first thing medical marijuana users want to do 5-7 minutes after lighting up is put away their Doritos, turn down Adventure Time, and go outside to practice putting rounds in an old milk jug tied to a fence post.

Here’s more…

However, the bill also changes the clause regarding illegal drug possession.

In the new bill, it would allow medical marijuana license holders to legally get a concealed carry license.

“Nothing in this section shall be construed to allow the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation to deny an otherwise qualified applicant from obtaining a handgun license pursuant to the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act solely on the basis of the applicant being a lawful holder of a medical marijuana license,” the bill reads.

As my four-hour handgun license class informed me (you can read about it here), even with a license to carry you still can’t be under the influence of cognition altering substances while in possession of your weapon. Being that medical marijuana is legal now and does alter your state of mind, man, it makes sense for it to be illegal to use while carrying a weapon. But having a medical marijuana card shouldn’t keep people from being able to own guns. Being that a third of gun related deaths over the last 40 years also involved alcohol, if anything it’s the booze that should be more regulated.

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21 Responses

  1. When they start making it illegal to own handgun while holding a prescription for narcotics, being a drinker, being under the influence of evangelical christianity, or being under the influence of any other debilitating substance or situation, THEN I’ll support your position.

    Oh the hypocrisy!

  2. It won’t matter in good ole hayseed Oklahoma in a few weeks anyway. This bunch of yokels are going to allow anyone to carry, open or concealed, without any license.

  3. OK kids guns are umm, bad.
    Don’t, don’t, don’t do guns Mmmkay?

  4. … yeah but have you ever shot guns on… weeed man!?

    1. I have. The experience is magical. I actually scored more inner ring hits being calmer and not subject to flinching from the report or the kickback.
      My fear is that some one who is medicating would allow their gun to be stolen and consequently murdered.

  5. Just like meth, coke, and opiates, guns can be deadly to young people (and to old people!)

    If we were going to be logical (we’re not), shouldn’t Darren the Lion be warning kids about the dangers of guns, just like drugs?

    “The federal government has issued a memorandum that says if you have a medical marijuana card, they can seize your guns,” Rep. Jon Echols, R-Oklahoma City, said to group members during a Sept. 26 meeting about laboratory testing guidelines.

    “I have every intention, and I bet I’ll be joined by every member of this committee, to pass a bill next year that says ‘Law enforcement officers for the state of Oklahoma, don’t enforce that.'”

    There’s an odd echo in here. It’s a ghostly voice saying something about his “cold dead hands.”

    1. “The federal government has issued a memorandum that says if you have a medical marijuana card, they can seize your guns,” Rep. Jon Echols, R-Oklahoma City, said to group members during a Sept. 26 meeting about laboratory testing guidelines.

      Just ANOTHER IGNORANT TEABAGGER who wouldn’t know the Constitution if you hit him in the head with it. Whats really sad is the other morons who believe this shit!

  6. The current law, not allowing a medical marijuana card holder to own a gun. is ridiculous and needs to be changed.

    1. READ THE LAW!!

  7. Sounds to me like a certain gun-loving legislator may or may not enjoy getting baked from time to time.

  8. The whole thing revolves around the fact that the federal government still considers marijuana a Schedule 1 narcotic. To them it’s the same as meth, heroin, cocaine, and others. Until that changes even if this bill passes, you wouldn’t be able to legally buy a gun because you use marijuana. The whole thing is a big mess.

  9. In a sea of nut jobs in the Senate Dahm floats to the top.


    E. No person holding a medical marijuana license may unduly be withheld from holding a state issued license by virtue of their being a medical marijuana license holder. This would include such things as a concealed carry permit.

    This is part of the law we voted yes on…so who knows where this other crap is coming from..

    1. You are quoting state law. Federal law begs to differ.

      1. So WHY pass ANOTHER state law? There is NO federal law taking away the 2nd amend for med pot! By the way that IGNORANT Repubtard is a STATE “lawmaker”!!

  11. This goes aginst my major personal philosophy, “A gun and it’s owner should be loaded at all times!”

  12. Oklahoma let the genie out of the bottle… as foretold

  13. The theory that the feds are coming to take guns from people misses one salient point: Limits on firearms have historically been imposed by local governments, not the feds. Exceptions due exist e.g., fully automatic firearms.
    I have owned several types of firearms for 60+ years and lived in 3 states. The fed has never required one darned thing from me. But move any type of firearm…especially handguns…across state lines and you have state imposed laws to deal with.
    And the proposal allowing anyone over the age of 18 to carry firearms without training or oversight of any type is deeply flawed. The emotional instability of 18-25 year olds is certainly recognized by the auto insurance industry. The actuary tables used by the insurance companies clearly show that people within this age group simply don’t demonstrate the ability to make responsible decisions when handling another type of deadly device…an auto.

  14. OSHA says I’m required to wear a hardhat while working on the roof, i guess in case a plane crashes on me. Laws PROTECT us! Laws are always good.

  15. does not matter , the state says one thing , the feds say another , which trumps who ? as for medical cards, no thanks , your name go’s into a data base and this jeopardizes ones rights , and doctors that issue these, can and do put their own license on the line . as for conceal and carry , why should any one haft to pay a dime, to protect their property, farms , ranches or homes , family ? and it is are constitutional right , it says nothing about paying into a system to do so . please show me this clause ? now if your going to carry state to state , one would possibly haft to comply, as other states have their own rules regarding this matter .

    1. Possession of a firearm in your home or on your property has never required a permit of any type. However, take one step off of your property…
      And if you have EVER used a credit card to purchase firearms, ammunition or any item related to firearms, your ownership of firearms…regardless of any licensing requirements, is readily available to virtually anyone.
      The results of living in the 21st century.

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