OU investigating David Boren to see if he sexually harassed male aides…

Well, I guess we know how James Gallogly is going to destroy David Boren.

Last night, The Oklahoman reported that the University of Oklahoma has hired a very expensive law firm to investigate claims that former Oklahoma Governor, US Senator and OU President David Boren sexually harassed male aides.

Here are the details via Nolan Clay:

The University of Oklahoma is paying one of the largest law firms in the world to investigate former President David Boren, sources have confirmed.

Investigators with the Jones Day law firm have asked whether Boren sexually harassed male aides, sources said.

This is surprising, but let’s be honest, it’s not that surprising. Despite what mainstream Oklahoma Democrats want you to believe, Boren has always been a opportunistic, two-faced hypocrite, and rumors about his sexploits have been circulating on the fringe and in the mainstream since the 1970s. Plus, as the #metoo movement has reminded us, it’s not that uncommon for powerful men in powerful positions to use their power to act inappropriately.

That being said, the timing and circumstances surrounding the investigation do have the feel of a political witch hunt being conducted in a haunted house. Since Gallogly was hired as OU’s new president back in 2017, it seems like his three main goals have been to…

1. Alienate himself from the University’s Faculty, Students and Staff

2. Mishandle controversy 

3. Destroy David Boren’s legacy

Give Gallogly some credit. So far, he’s done an excellent job accomplishing all three goals. I’d guesstimate that a majority of the University’s students, faculty and staff all hate the guy, and that was before he mishandled the blackface controversy. And whether he’s cutting back on National Merit Scholars, or launching an investigation into Boren’s treatment of male aides and then leaking news of the investigation to the press, it does feel like Boren’s legacy is starting to unravel. Way to go President. You get things done.

Boren responded to The Oklahoman’s report through his attorney:

Boren, a former Oklahoma governor and U.S. senator, retired last year after nearly 24 years in charge at OU. Through an attorney Wednesday, Boren, 77, denied any misconduct.

“This is not an objective search for the truth. It is a fishing expedition,” attorney Bob Burke told The Oklahoman. “President Boren emphatically denies any inappropriate behavior or unlawful activity. He has been a dedicated public servant for more than 50 years and his life is an open book in Oklahoma.”

The attorney also said “Jones Day has not accepted our invitation to meet to talk about the matter.”

I don’t know about you, but I expected a stronger denial. If Boren is really innocent of any inappropriate behavior or unlawful activity, you’d think he would have organized a press conference and sworn on a bible that he’s innocent. That’s what he did back in the 1970s when his political opponents accused him of being a (gasp!) homosexual:

Geeze. Let’s hope Boren never did Company of Men stuff to National Merit Scholars or whatever, otherwise he’s going to be caught in a lie with his hand on the bible. That’s almost as bad as working with oil executives to try to cover up the true cause of Oklahoma earthquakes, or using your power and clout to sexually harass your employees.

Anyway, I guess we’ll continue to follow this story and provide updates. If you were ever harassed by David Boren, or James Gallogly, send us an email. We’d love to hear from you.

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33 Responses

  1. Boren: slightly better than a conservative plumber.

    1. A LOT better than a conservative plumber.

      That conservative plumber has a much better body than poor ol’ David Boren, thanks to Markwayne’s long hours in the Congressional gym. His plumber shirts have to be tailor-made.

      Not that I’m into male bodies, but Markwayne is much more of a bro magnet.

  2. My first thought after reading the DO article was your first sentence..

  3. Gallogly: “OU is in a financial crisis! We have to lay off staff, cut programs, close study abroad campuses!”

    *uses OU’s resources to hire one of the largest law firms in the world to investigate a personal rival*

    1. Exactly!

  4. I said this SOB was no good the day they announced him, remember? And I also don’t doubt a bit of it. Train has left the station…….move on.

  5. If you can’t do any better than Gallogly, you may as well let the football coach run the university. They run everything any way.

  6. Dave’s a very modern dude and deserves a full time gig on KFOR’s flash point. Sooner proud.

  7. If it is true that allegations have been made against Boren, as OU has stated then an investigation is a good idea, as it could mitigate the damages that OU could potentially have to pay if the charges prove to be true. This would be President Gallogy and the Board acting properly, and doing what they should be doing.

    However if there were no allegations made, and I would assume this too would come out in the investigation, then the Governor should demand President Gallogy and the entire Board of Regents resignations effective immediately. The public doesn’t know who came up with this plan, if it was the Board on its own, or from a suggestion from the President. I’m also guessing the Board wanted to keep this a secret, but somebody leaked it, and then they had to give out some information. This is the problem when you try to run the state and it’s institutions secretly and don’t let the public know what is going on.

    Whatever the situation there is going to be much, much more coming out about OU as time goes on. Probably best to lay out all the dirty laundry at once rather than let it come out slowly over years, provided of course that there is dirty laundry over the past 24 years.

    1. If there are no allegations, the regents are in serious doodoo.

      There likely are allegations.

      Gallogly is a cunt, and doubtless is enjoying seeing Boren twist in the wind.

  8. Gallogly, who is soon to lose his protector, needs to go. Running a business does not make you competent to run a university.

  9. It’s true. I kno a guy who was harassed, and then paid off to leave the U.

  10. The 1978 democrat senate primary was something else.

    Anthony Points was a fringe candidate. No one paid any attention to him, but he spread the gossip about Boren being a person of gay. A more serious candidate, George Miskovsky, ran with it, and the story picked up traction. Miskovsky demanded that Boren deny being homosexual, which he bizarrely did.

    Boren also passionately over-kissed Mrs. Boren in a creepy (Tom Cruise on Oprah’s couch) phony affection sort of way. Photos of that and of him using the Holy Bible to affirm his straightness were on the front page of the Oklahoman.

    There were stories about Boren’s security aides, and another one involving Jan Eric Cartwright. But I don’t like to gossip.

    Most people knew and didn’t care:

  11. This junk is getting old. I don’t care what he does & whoever threw this out there needs to pull up his big boy pants & STFU. Gravy train ride is over.

  12. Politics in Oklahoma is a game played primarily by a handful of career, white guy pols, funded by a handful of rich, white guys and a bunch of corporations, run by many of the same rich, white guys. When they are not saying polite things about each other in public they are privately hard at work trying to tear down each other in whispered conversations at the OKC Golf and Country Club. Why? Well it’s all personal for them. Senator Jim Inhofe was defeated for office by David Boren; Gov Frank Keating was defeated by Inhofe for the United States Congress; Boren is the most successful politician in the state’s history; Keating is now an OU regent and former governor who didn’t like Boren telling him what to do when he was governor; Inhofe remains out of touch with the 20th century let alone the 21st; former OU Regent and Chair Clay Bennett, smart enough to marry into the Gaylord family, just resigned due to health challenges at age 59; OU Regent Kirk Humphreys said some dumb things on Flashpoint TV and in other places; OU Regent Bill Burgess just passed away suddenly in Lawton at age 62; new OU President Jim Gallogly announced last July the university had been financially devastated by Boren’s mismanagement and cited a shortfall of $12-15 million dollars but by October declared he had found savings of $31 million dollars but went ahead in December and fired a bunch more low level, hardworking employees just before Christmas and more in January of this year to save $2million on top. There’s more to report but you probably have already lost interest but just in case you haven’t………………….

    Now to the crisis at hand. OU regents approved an investigation of Boren for ‘sexual harassment’ of male employees at OU and have already been billed exactly $84,802.50 by the Jones/Day Law Firm, which is staffed by 2700 lawyers on five continents. An OU regent has declared “we are not rushing to any judgments, and are absolutely certain the truth will rise to the top. And at that time we will ABSOLUTELY AND AGGRESSIVELY (emphasis added by me) do the right thing”. That could mean aggressively apologize to Boren or further ruin his life aggressively, or aggressively pay more money to Jones/Day or aggressively expunge any memory of Boren in Oklahoma history books but that wouldn’t matter because our high schools don’t teach history anymore, anyway. And really, they didn’t have to pay that fancy DC law firm any money at all because the regents could have just walked over to the Student Union and sat down with about anybody and received all kinds gossip FOR FREE and better yet, some of it would have been about THEM! (Secret memo to follow in invisible ink. Watch for it).

    OK, since the regents and most everybody else in Oklahoma are having so much fun with this soap opera, let me aggressively and absolutely join in. University personnel actions, in accordance with the Open Meetings Law, may be discussed only in executive sessions to protect individuals during investigations. So, somebodies in those meetings leaked and/or confirmed this stuff to ace Oklahoman investigative reporter Nolan Clay because, if he didn’t already have the allegations cold, OU mouthpiece Lauren Brookey could and should have said something difficult and complicated like “no comment”. But no, she confirms and trots out the exact amount of the invoice from Jones/Day. Juicy that.

    So having seen these rodeos forever in Oklahoma politics let me provide you, at no cost, the final chapters in this saga. They goes like this:

    (1) Tons of leaks, stories, he said/he said/, emails, texts, instagrams, twitters all atwitter, Pony Express pouches, bulk mailers, UPS deliveries with forged signatures and other affairs of the heart especially appropriate on Valentine’s Day will be dribbled out by The Oklahoman to boost readership. Anything will be better than the car dealer ads.

    (2) Accusations and denials will accuse and deny.

    (3) A grand jury will be empaneled by Governor Stitt even though he doesn’t know what a grand jury is because he doesn’t know anything about government but the OU regents will ask him to so he will.

    (4) Jones/Day, because they have so much power and lots of attorneys, will serve as inside, outside, and of counsel to all parties in the matter and will bill millions of dollars in legal fees to be paid, with interest, over the next ten years.

    (5) Since OU is broke because Boren can’t add and subtract, so say the powers, property taxes will be raised on all of us to pay the legal bills because, after all, OU is our flagship university and the courts will rule we are all, therefore, liable for everything that went or is going on there……..except educating students, whether their faces are white, black, yellow, brown, red, long, drawn, sad or some mix thereof. Oklahomans have forever been against paying for a quality education for most of our folks due to their indifference to horrendous budget cuts, deepest in the nation, as imposed by our elected, moronic legislature. The kids also have given up on their futures and therefore mostly spend their time just bitching about the cost of the dorm rooms or playing fantasy sports in the bars or placing real bets with bookies on sports betting.

    Not all is lost however. Student diversions will prepare them for real jobs after they graduate making beds in casino hotels, mostly for the ladies, or better yet, as dealers and croupiers, mostly for the guys because it pays better and guys don’t know how to make beds anyway, in games of chance inside Oklahoma’s 135 palaces of fun, food, entertainment and shattered dreams. And finally, since President Gallogly fired mostly IT workers and groundskeepers plenty of work is available for them as well in and around the Dens of the Devils, meaning our 37 Native American Tribes, by maintaining the slots and keeping the plants, shrubs, flowers and lawns of the highest quality just like those at OU.

    Is Oklahoma a great state or what? The correct answer is, of course, or what.

    1. Oops. Buried somewhere in that monologue is the word ‘goes’ and should be ‘go’.


      1. Aren’t you that failed liberal politician?

    2. Cal Hobson. Your well-qualified and authentic insider overview on the whole of Oklahoma politics in the last 40 years has been the best thing I have read about the subject, ever. Everything you wrote is exactly how it is. Thank you for this in particular, “Boren is the most successful politician in the state’s history; Keating is now an OU regent and former governor who didn’t like Boren telling him what to do when he was governor; Inhofe remains out of touch with the 20th century let alone the 21st…”

      1. I concur!

    3. I always love reading your comments! SPOT ON!

      1. To Teensie and Thankful for you:),

        I’m thankful for you two too.

        To Patrick,

        Where’s my money for my earlier articles? Due to Trump’s tax cuts I now owe the IRS more moola and based on the adoring comments above from my mother Teensie and sister Thankful for you:) my fan base is HUGE so unless you fork over the bread by my birthday (look it up you tightwad) I’m going to sue you for all you have.

        Never mind. Keep the $9.11.

    4. You are my “required reading.” Is the current OU President a distant relative of U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand? At least Gillibrand had the gonads to ruin a perfectly good and honorable “working” Senator from Minnesota. May she burn in Hell for that. I thought Franken was one of the few with a little honor and dignity. This new guy doesn’t even have the balls to go after someone who still is working! No, David has only served for what, 1/2 a 100? Guess that doesn’t mean a thing anymore. Modern conservatism. Are these people even human? What runs through their veins? It’s really starting to look like acid.

    5. Preach, Cal!❤️

  13. as many pervs as they have in Oklahoma , why does this not surprise me ? I hope they dig deep on this one , but they possibly won’t . they been scamming money for years off the backs of oklahoma tax payers . can’t say much for OU ,since it is nothing more then a bankrupt school , whit a fancy name .

  14. Boomer………!!!

    1. Really…

  15. So do you all suggest OU should have just ignored the accusations? Talk about a litigation nightmare. God the political taking-sides has made idiots out of a lot of people.

    1. OU has a legal department. They could have conducted the investigation.

      If it was decided that OU’s legal office could not be trusted due to a conflict of interest, then there are many other reasonably priced alternatives before turning to one of the largest law firms in the world.

      Without new evidence coming to light, this all smacks of Gallogly continuing in his campaign to destroy Boren. Even leaking the fact that there is an investigation under way, but not leaking any new evidence, seems like an effort toward that end.

      I am definitely willing to change my mind if new evidence comes to light. But this is how things seem at the moment.

    2. And I’m sure, all over the state, this morning actually many a church goer listened to “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Of course they were talking in reference to donald and his grifter crew. Oh and keep those donations coming in people. The crew needs a few more million for criminal defense attorneys. Can’t some Democrat look through the Bible and find some bullshit reason to just leave David alone?


    1. I’ll drink to that – make mine a double!

  17. He’s done . Why bring it up now.

  18. Excellent article and insightful responses as well! And here I was almost convinced that local journalism was lost or, worse, killed. That is ’til today as I stumbled upon this little gem of site! Articles with substance and relevance? Sweet! Even better is the welcomed comments by the readers! What’s bakin’ my noodle though is how the readers appear to lack uniformity of opinion but manage to remain civil in conversation? Hmmm thought that sorta thing went the way of the dodo on the interwebs?! Not complaining, and in all seriousness I’m happy I found this place (TLO) big thanks to all who contribute both content and feedback as it is much needed!
    Local news is by far the most relevant to our everyday lives, wish so many more out there could see that. I’m a lifelong resident of the Tulsa area and even though it’s always been an “old money” system, living here was always at least tolerable with maybe even a dash of hopeful. WAS. I used to be somewhat optimistic about change too. The realization that there will always be hands of corruption at work is an unfortunate fact of life but damnit we’ve had the SAME hands here now for far too long, further entrenching themselves into all levels of our city and state governments 4-8 years at a time. I’m afraid they wont be slapped away easily either, at least not by a pesky election. IMHO Most of the scandals these days are rarely anything other than a sculpted event at this point, just one of many distractions so more opportunities will exist to pilfer and plunder as we look in whatever direction we are pointed..
    Just a rant from my *currently* glass half empty view, definitely would love that to change. And soon!

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