Monday Morning News Recap

It was a very special weekend for The Lost Ogle family. Saturday afternoon saw Sam Scovill, our resident Jeopardy champ/trivia wizard get married. TLO’s own Hayley officiated the ceremony, and Patrick and I sat next to each other and mumbled jokes. It was a sweet, succinct, and sincere ceremony, complete with a Borat reference. Unfortunately, Abigail and the other Ogle’s must have had their invitations lost in the mail, but they missed out on a good time. Congratulations, Sam and Rachel!

OU Has A Funding Problem

This should be surprising to no one who has been following TLO. Aside from the seasonal racist scandals from the student body and the new out of touch leadership, the university is now reeling from some heavy allegations of sexual harassment from former president David Boren. Not interviewed for the article were the thousands of former OU students who are to indebted to student loans to donate money to their alma mater.

Another Abortion Bill Got Wiped Out

Filed in the Non-News News folder, yet another attempt to criminalize abortion in Oklahoma got struck down. At least this time, we didn’t have to pay for it to go all the way to the Supreme Court. If a Republican from Stroud will come out and say that it’s unconstitutional, ya know there a problem there…

What’s Going On In The OHP?

There are two very extreme sides to this story, one in which a climbing Oklahoma Highway Patrol captain tried to extort his boss for a better job, and the other in which a climbing Oklahoma Highway Patrol captain tried to expose corruption in an agency which we all know is impervious to bad-doing. I guess there’s also the third side that he was trying to do a little bit of each, but now we’re getting into a level of complexity which is too intense for local officials.

Russian Collusion

The comment from Kelvin Calvey’s Facebook post has been removed, so if anyone has a screenshot, hit us up. In the meantime, we’ll continue to monitor this story in case it takes any other weird local twists and turns.

Steven’s Sports Beat

Truth be told, as much as I was pulling for the hometown guy to pull off the W, a part of me would have been just as happy had he missed the big dunk. How epic would it have been had Hami missed and slammed his junk on Shaq’s face? Just me? Yeah, I get it. Way to go on winning the very event everyone tunes into on Saturday night. No one cares about the 3 point contest. Go big or go home, and it’s coming home to the 405.

Congratulations to Hami, PG, and Westbrook for making the All Star Game. I’d watch if I wanted to watch famous NBA players take shooting practice. If you’ve never watched it’s basically the star(s) from every team jog down the court and try to hit an open shot. Zero defense because no one is risking getting hurt and blowing a run at the playoffs. [Ed. note- It is currently the bottom of the 3rd quarter and both teams are tied at 127 points. The dunks have been sick tho.]

For a lot of programs, March cannot get here fast enough. The Pokes have one of those programs.

Another program is the OU ladies. Sheri Coale is at risk of her streak of 19 straight tournament appearances coming to an end. On a positive note, at least the L came to the number 1 team in America rattling off its 36th straight win.