What’s going on with Channel 25’s Living Oklahoma???

Last week, we alerted the The Lost Ogle viewing audience to some funny clips of an obviously out-of-it Meg Alexander slurring and stumbling her way through interview segments on the Fox 25 pay-to-play morning show Living Oklahoma. Minutes after our post went live, Fox 25 quickly removed the videos from their website, but not before we were able […]

Brave Edmond insurance agent stands against Girl Scout gangs

Cookies are a cutthroat business. Various troops of cookie-selling solicitors have run rampant throughout the United States. These gangs, also known as troops, have ambushed supermarkets, businesses, and now, marijuana dispensaries. The main racketeers in the cookie business are known as the Girl Scouts of America. For over 100 years, the Girl Scouts have cornered […]

TLO Restaurant Review: Maples Barbecue

According to various accounts that I believe, barbecue as we know it in the States was perfected by Southern slaves who, after a long day of manning the pits of the slave-owners and their hunger, took the scraps and throwaways, seasoned and smoked them, adding a bit of homemade sauce until the meat tasted practically […]