Monday Morning News Recap

Leave it to Oklahoma to have some perfectly fine and sunny days in February to be ruined by some comically violent wind. Why are we sitting back and letting winds gust at over 40 mph? They can put a man on the moon but they can’t fix the dang weather, what are all those highfalutin scientists in Washington doing? I have nothing else to say in this intro, so I guess I’ll quit talking like an old man on the porch and just get to the news.

There Was A Bad Fire In Guthrie..

Call me a Lackmeyer, but it’s pretty tragic losing beautiful old buildings in Oklahoma. Doubly sad that one of the shops that was lost was the Double Stop Fiddle shop, which housed some priceless instruments. From the KFOR story above:

News 4’s Lucas Ross was a regular at Double Stop Fiddle Shop and Music Hall. He spent a lot of time there with owner Byron Berline, who he bought his infamous Banjo from.

Wow, Lucas must really aggravate everybody at the office with his banjo if it’s referred to as ‘infamous.’ Speaking of losing our classic buildings…

Save the Nipple Church!

We reported 2 years ago that the Nipple Church was up for sale. Now, it looks like the potential buyer wants to demolish the iconic structure. If this happens, it’ll be a huge blow to OKC’s erotic architecture scene, so let’s pray it doesn’t go down.

It’s Too Damn Windy Here

On Saturday, I saw where the wind had blown the top of a damn street light off in Midtown and there was broken glass everywhere. Some of the gusts just about knocked me sideways on my walk to work. What I’m getting at is that the weather here is ridiculous every single day.

The Paperback Bandits Strike Again

There’s no doubt that the weirdos who are stealing cheap books are bad, but I’d say the real villain here was the writer of this story for pulling out every single bad book pun they could find.

When You’re Right, You’re Right

I had to read this one twice to make sure I was understanding it correctly, because I just assumed when religious leaders in Oklahoma were coming together to talk about guns that it would have been in SUPPORT of the open carry bill. Maybe they can talk some sense into ‘family and faith’ governor Kevin Stitt, who seems to be in support of a bill so bananas that even Mary Fallin had to nix.

Steven’s Sports Beat

That’s not a typo, folks. That’s a lot of points, and for those that got to watch the game in person they got their money’s worth. Almost an entire extra quarter was needed to fend off the Jazz. Too bad they had less than 24 hours to recoup for another tough western conference opponent.

Different outcome, but Westbrook is back to ripping off triple-doubles again this season. His streak ended Friday night at 11, surpassing Wilt the Stilt, whose record of 9 had stood since 1968. Before you break out your calculators, that’s a 51 year-old NBA record. Needless to say, there have been a lot of talented players come and go since then. We have something special in the 405.

Oklahoma blowing commanding leads is nothing new. Post-Billy Tubbs Sooners knew to not relax until the final buzzer. Saturday’s game against their one true rival was much of same, but they avoided the sweep.  If they make it into the dance it’ll be on name recognition only.

It is nice that the basketball version of a Heisman Trophy winner still embraces his alma mater. While I was not at the game and I cannot find anything on the pregame, one can only assume his welcome to the Peak was equally as inviting. It’s too bad the Thunder have to play against him.

Every kid grows up wearing his favorite teams jersey dreaming of hitting a last-minute shot to win the big game. For five lucky fans, they now get to suit up every game and play for the Orange. Instead of hitting a shot for the win, a walk-on saved the pokes from the worst blow in history. Thank goodness for baseball season. (-Steven)