David Boren now wants everyone to get along…

What would you do if you faced an investigation into sexual harassment allegations from your previous job?

If your name is David Boren, you’d write an ill-timed op-ed for local newspaper about income inequality and how everyone needs to just get along.

Via The Tulsa World:

If I had my way, I would change the current question being asked in political circles, “How do we make America great again?” I’d ask instead “How do we keep America Great?”

We are already a great nation which has made meaningful contributions around the world to democracy and human rights.

The focus for us needs to be on what we mean by the term “great” and on what we have done in the past to make us great and on what we need to do to keep us great.

We must not be distracted by emotional hot buttons which take away our emphasis on fundamentally important challenges that will determine our future. This is no time for “Bread and the Circuses”.

To some degree, I have to commend the former president of the University of Oklahoma. To write an op-ed about bridging the divides in society and not being distracted by emotional hot button issues while under a sexual harassment investigation has to take a level of gumption only told in fairy tales, and circuses.

But wait, there’s more:

“We should start with the critical importance of out spirit of community and mutual respect. We have prevailed in the past because we have always been able to unite to face a crisis. Those who seek to divide us along the lines of race, religion or politics are a threat to our future.

We desperately need leaders who appeal to our best instincts and not to our self interest or prejudices.

It’s amazing how someone can be on-the-nose and tone-deaf at the same time. Also, where the hell was this talk of unity three years ago when then-Republican candidate Donald Trump was using similar divisive language? I guess Boren wasn’t under investigation at that point.

And the piece to put shame to rest.

“Let’s keep America great by keeping our eyes on the ball. Let’s sort out what is fundamentally important and stop being distracted by issues that are less important. Above all, we must concentrate on important goals that can unite us and stop letting intolerance and prejudices divide us.”

Even if the investigation is a political hit job, urging people to stop being distracted and keeping focus while your former employer checks to see whether or not you sexaully harrassed male aides is like convincing your partner that you’re not cheating while trying to delete the Tinder app from your phone.

Aside from the reason for the article, the words within are so loosely put together that one might label it as a misdirected rant. Boren tap danced on topics faster than Fred Astaire on cocaine. David Boren is a prominent Oklahoma figure in many ways. It’s by this fact that we should take what he does and says seriously. More importantly, it’s vital that we hold his words and actions accountable.