State Senator fights valiant battle against red-light cameras…

There are few things more American than planting your foot to the floorboard, feeling the car come alive, and speeding through a red light with nothing in front or behind you but opportunity and time. State Senator Nathan Dahm wants to make sure things stay that way. The Oklahoma Senate recently passed his bill that will […]

Botánica San Cipriano and the Curse of an Angry Former Lover

Sometime ago, I found out that a person I had dated for a short period was not only claiming to now be a bruja, but that there was also the possibility of a maldición put on my head soon after we broke up, especially if social media is to be believed. While it might sound […]

Sounds about right: 30,000 Oklahoma teachers have quit since 2013.

Relatively speaking, 30,000 is usually considered to be a pretty big number. For example, American hero and discount John Lennon impersonator Don Gorske holds a World Record for eating 30,000 McDonald’s Big Macs in his lifetime. 30,000 is about the population of Shawnee, America. And there are approximately 30,000 CBD oil/vape shops located in the […]