Bad week? Check out the OKC Zoo’s Mountain Lion Cub Cam.

The news cycle nowadays can best be described as a revolving door of donkey shit. It’s understandable to feel as though there’s never any good news. Thankfully, the Oklahoma City Zoo has come to save us with mountain lion cub cam.

Via The OKC Zoo:

The Oklahoma City Zoo’s 11-week-old mountain lion cubs are ready to make their public debut and you can watch the wild fun unfold live with Zoo’s “Mountain Lion Cub Cam”! The OKC Zoo is excited to officially launch its new “Mountain Lion Cub Cam,” online at Tune in and watch as young siblings, Toho, Tanka and Tawakoni, explore their new habitat the Zoo’s Oklahoma Trails and get ready for all the pouncing, playing and sibling bonding you can handle…

The mountain lion cubs arrived at the OKC Zoo in late January after being orphaned in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Game officials with the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks found the cubs and contacted the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) to locate a permanent home for the litter because recovered cubs cannot return to the wild according to South Dakota state protocol. Learning of the cubs’ situation, the Zoo made the decision to provide a forever home for both Toho and Tanka. Tawakoni will be relocating to her permanent home at AZA-accredited Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, Texas, later this summer. Until then, she will remain with her brothers at Oklahoma Trails.

There aren’t many things to bring everyone together anymore. It’s good to know saving mountain lion cubs from certain death, neglect and living in South Dakota is enough to make even the most cynical smile.

As if your Grinch hearts weren’t swollen enough, the 11-month cubs are named Toho, Tanka and Tawakoni. During the summer season, Tawakoni – the wanderlust of the group – will be relocated to a Waco facility.

In the meantime, zoo attendees will be able to see the cubs in their habitat playing with one another. If you cannot make it to the zoo or you’re looking for a good reason to procrastinate at work, you can check out the 24/7 live feed for optimal viewing. I checked it out and “awed” so loud I got dirty looks at the coffee shop.

Thanks to the Oklahoma City Zoo for our daily dose of optimism.