Monday Morning News

It was a big weekend in the big town. We had the Big 12 Women’s Basketball Championship taking place downtown, the OKC Thunder, who have been wildly unreliable since the All-Star break, finally got a good win against Portland, and there was a bunch of concerts and nice weather and all kinds of other stuff. While you’re recovering from losing that hour of sleep from Daylight Savings, here are some news stories to ease back into the work week.

It Was A Windy One…

I’ve lived here my whole life and never seen a single tumbleweed, but the phenomenon of the tumbledumpster, on the other hand, is very common.

Edmond Is Preserving Its History

It’s super fitting for Edmond to put an oil field on the National Register of Historic Places. As boring as it seems, there is nothing more appropriate for their culture than to preserve a plot of land that created decades of generational wealth at the expense of our environment. We can just hope that one day, the dog food factory is given the same level of respect.

In other Edmond news, this is happening:

Yeah, I’m just gonna leave this here and leave the cheap jokes on the table…

Cops 2.0

Watching the tv show Cops was always a bittersweet affair. It’s engrossing and entertaining to see all of the weirdos from around the country do dumb things and get arrested. But it’s also fucked up to watch real cops be the protagonists, especially in situations where it was clear that the people they’re busting suffer from deeper problems. The newest incarnation of the Cops concept is Live PD, which is even more thrilling because it’s basically Cops without an editor. This will make for some good guilty pleasure viewing.

Teachers Are Still Pissed

These greedy teachers. After all that the state has done for them, including a tiny perfunctory pay raise, they still have the gall to be upset about things. So what if the right is trying to eliminate public education? Use that bachelor’s degree in another field, like umm copywriting I dunno, they’re the smart ones, they can figure it out.

Steven’s Sports Beat

The road to the NBA is long and hard for some. Deonte went from Milwaukee to Iowa State. From Ames to Wonju Dongbu Promy of South Korea’s KBL (don’t worry, I never heard of it either). From Asia to the Thunder G League and finally called up to the Bigs. Welcome to the show! See, boys and girls, persistence pays off!

For a grown man, I have way too many autographed sports items. Getting older and having kids made it worse because I shamelessly used my two adorable little mini-me’s to get other grown men to sign their name for my kids. As big as a Thunder fan as I am, I don’t do sports days because standing in line for an autograph is like hanging out in person with the “first-time caller, long time listener” to any local radio sports talk station.  Nope.

TLO just gave President Jim Gallogly ideas on how to close the deficit gap. Coach Riley told him to hold his beer. For only $2,500 you can pretend to be an OU student athlete football player for two days. Truth be told, if you ever watch any sporting event near the general public this cannot be a new experience. Maybe it’s just my luck, but I am always within earshot of a GA stands play caller, and this will make it worse for those that can afford the two season tickets worth of camp. You don’t even need to go because I can sum it up for you: “Hey Coach Riley. I’ve been a Sooner fan since ’73. Now in the Orange Bowl with 2:35 left, why did you not call an i Right Slant 35 when clearly the mike linebacker had been crashing in on the two hole the entire second half?” Next Question? “Coach, what happen to the cover three when we were rushing 4 men?”

The answer is no, and the tournament hopes are not looking good as the Sooners open the Big 12 tournament against the Mountaineers on Wednesday. Fingers crossed to something crazy taking place.

If there was ever a season that could just get over with as soon as possible, I think everyone would vote for Poke Basketball as a consensus #1. (-Steven)