OSU journalism professor becomes pro YouTube gamer to make ends meet…

In a state that has a problem paying their teachers a livable wage, one journalism professor from Oklahoma State University chose to become a YouTube persona. As it turns out, this hobby has turned from side hustle to a better money-making system than his actual job.

Via The Oklahoman:

Shane Hoffman is a mild-mannered professor at Oklahoma State University, but that might just be his alter ego.

“Prof Hoff” is an autograph-signing, Oreo-reviewing, video game-playing, international star YouTube persona; a not-so-secret identity for Hoffman.

In the past year, the journalism professor turned a YouTube hobby into a lucrative side-hustle. Hoffman films himself playing the mobile phone game Marvel Contest of Champions, which pits popular Marvel characters against each other in head-to-head Mortal Kombat-style battles. Viewers can watch as Prof Hoff navigates his way through the game and works to unlock new characters.

For giggles, I check out Hoffman’s YouTube channel. Here’s some of stuff we found:

Yes, that’s his lucrative side hustle. Exactly how much is he making?

“I have not received a penny raise since starting teaching at Oklahoma State in the fall of 2013,” Hoffman said. “In a year, I went from making probably about $12 on YouTube to over $20,000.”

Hoffman’s videos have a dual-revenue stream model. Some comes from YouTube, and some comes from viewers who send in money online.

Yes, strangers send him money after watching his videos.

“It’s kind of like the equivalent of if you see someone on the street playing an instrument and they have a little money jar and you drop in a dollar or two,” Hoffman said.

This is impressive considering the fact that his profile picture is himself as an bitmoji dabbing in front of fire holding a Captain America shield. You know, just in case you weren’t sure he was a fun nerd. The only thing he’s missing is a sloth t-shirt and some sick gifs.

But Hoffman is doing what he can in order to make extra means. I can’t fault him for that.

If you didn’t receive any sort of increase in compensation for the hard work you’d put in, you’d more than likely leave. When I was 17, I saw a woman quit while working the drive-thru at McDonald’s because she didn’t get an extra five minutes on her break. She was paid minimum wage by managers who gave a minimum shit about her.

Meanwhile, professors like Mr. Hoffman are expected to teach students journalism while working his side-hustle in a flawless fashion. Slightly related, spare a thought for the students in that class. Why should I learn journalism when my professor seems to be making it out just fine?

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