Oklahoma AG joins fight to slow inevitable Robopocalypse

A war is coming.

Since the dawn of the industrial revolution, machine and mankind have coexisted with one another. Now comes the time for civilizations across the globe to band together in defense against the common enemy: the robots.

Action has not waited for the first human casualty. Instead, prosecutors from Oklahoma and the rest of the country are working to stop the current flow of robot influence. The robots most current attack is known as a robocall- a telephone call in which a scam, a debt collection, or promotional deal invades your personal phone.

Via KFOR.com:

Jim McNeil is under siege.

Since Sunday he’s received 27 robocalls, all of them with Oklahoma area codes.

They flood his cell phone at all hours of the day and night.

For Jim, a cancer survivor, his phone is his lifeline, and he’s not giving up his phone.  

“It leaves me a slave to [robocalls],” he said.

Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter is making it his personal mission to take down these annoying and illegal calls, once and for all.

That’s right, leave it to Americans to ride valiantly into battle to defeat something they once created.

Robocalls are a terrible issue. Many calls have been used to trick people into giving up their personal information like their social security number, banking information, or even you home address. These calls are the equivalent of the annoying kid on your block attempting to sell you useless crap for a fundraiser you care less about.

Side note, unless you’re related to said child selling said bullshit, don’t bother.

Here’s more:

“There is technology that telecommunications companies can deploy that will intercept these calls if they can get authority to deploy that technology,” Hunter told the In Your Corner team.

If signed into law, it would force carriers to establish that an incoming call is legal before it ever makes it to your phone.

It would also create stiffer penalties for violators.

Who would have thought that the public would be getting vital information on the fight against killer robots from In Your Corner? I guess it’s no less ridiculous than climate change denier Scott Pruitt once being head of the Environmental Protection Agency

Regardless, the machines are bound to take over. They have made ground in our supermarkets, our banking systems, and now through our personal calls. Only time will tell when we must take up arms against our robotic overlords.