Is it time we put gladiator fighting pits in Oklahoma elementary schools?

Violence is rarely the answer… unless it gets clicks on social media. That is what a few Tinker Elementary School parents must have thought when they shared on Facebook a video of two fifth-grade girls duking it out this week.

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A brutal fight between two fifth-grade students was caught on camera, and a family member of one of the children said a parent recorded the fight and posted it on social media.

The aunt of an 11-year-old girl said her niece had been bullied by a classmate since the beginning of the school year. The tension came to a head last week when two girls got into two fights, both of which were caught on camera and posted online.

“We never knew anything about it … until we got wind of the video,” Lynn Coleman said.

The cellphone video shows two 11-year-old girls fighting near Southeast 48th Street and Sooner Road, less than a half-mile from where they attend school, Tinker Elementary School.

“I woke up to a video, an awful video, of her having to defend herself,” Coleman said.

Coleman’s niece was walking home last week when she was jumped by her schoolmate. The aunt claims the other girl’s parents were there during both fights, watching and recording.

“And it ended up on social media, and to be out condoning fights between fifth-graders, 11-year-olds, 12-year-olds, is ridiculous,” Coleman said.

As someone who experienced being bullied, I have no problem with this. In fact, I say we create gladiator fighting pits for children at all Oklahoma elementary schools. Children shouldn’t have to fight on the streets with their bare fists! That’s so 20th century. Instead, their fights should be in sanctioned, controlled environments next to the big toy. It will be safer for the kids, plus the parents can watch, cheer and film all while enjoying the sport.

Senseless street fighting will get no one anywhere quickly. The gladiator pits will give the youth a chance to build character and strength for the future. It’s about time we became civilized and let the children fight professionally.