Ogle Madness: West Region, Lower Bracket

Here’s the lower half of the West Region. To vote for the upper region of the bracket, click here.

(6) Elizabeth Warren vs. (11) Lawton
(3) Carrie Underwood vs (14) Paul Scott
(7) OKC Streetcar vs (10) Steve Lackmeyer
(2) Lacey Swope vs (15) Jason Harris

Here are some of our funniest, most cringe-worthy Oklahomans we have to offer. This should make for an interesting fight!

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(6) Elizabeth Warren

Who:  A 2020 Democratic presidential candidate

Biggest Strength: Universal healthcare advocate

Biggest Weakness: Native American DNA testing

(11) Lawton

Who: The Best College Town in Oklahoma

Biggest Strength: Cameron University’s mascot Ole Kim

Biggest Weakness: Local meteorologists that hang in there

(6) Elizabeth Warren vs. (11) Lawton

  • (11) Lawton (53%, 269 Votes)
  • (6) Elizabeth Warren (47%, 235 Votes)

Total Voters: 504

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(3) Carrie Underwood

Who: Modern country music icon

Biggest Strength: Appreciation of hearing-impaired fans

Biggest Weakness: Live Musicals on NBC

(14) Paul Scott

Who: State Senator and knock-off James Gandolfini

Biggest Strength: Deleting his Facebook account

Biggest Weakness: Low-income pregnant women

(3) Carrie Underwood vs (14) Paul Scott

  • (3) Carrie Underwood (87%, 433 Votes)
  • (14) Paul Scott (13%, 64 Votes)

Total Voters: 497

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(7) OKC Streetcar

Who: MAPS 3 Project transportation

Biggest Strength: Faster mode of transportation than horse-drawn carriages

Biggest Weakness: Dumbass Oklahoma drivers

(10) Steve Lackmeyer

Who: Oklahoma “journalist”

Biggest Strength: Shit-talking on Twitter

Biggest Weakness: The homeless and hot dog vendors

(7) OKC Streetcar vs (10) Steve Lackmeyer

  • (7) OKC Streetcar (68%, 337 Votes)
  • (10) Steve Lackmeyer (32%, 161 Votes)

Total Voters: 498

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(2) Lacey Swope vs (15) Jason Harris

Who: Severe weather babe and former Ogle Madness champion

Biggest Strength: Being the best smoke-show in front of a green screen

Biggest Weakness: Not knowing distance in relation to family time

(15) Jason Harris

Who: Civil War soldier lost in time who ran for State House

Biggest Strength: Being a mustachioed hunk of a man

Biggest Weakness: Having a dead chinchilla rest on his mouth

(2) Lacey Swope vs (15) Jason Harris

  • (2) Lacey Swope (80%, 410 Votes)
  • (15) Jason Harris (20%, 100 Votes)

Total Voters: 510

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