Mary Fallin is enjoying retirement…

It looks like Mary Fallin is doing a good job adapting to life as a regular Oklahoma citizen.

Over the weekend, an Ogle Mole sent us this photo of our former Governor doing some grocery shopping at her neighborhood Walmart store. Check this out:

Yep, the Oklahoma Governor who let her daughter park a trailer in the backyard also uses a motorized shopping cart when she goes to Walmart. I guess you can’t blame her. She did recently have surgery, and the Maester chains she wears around her neck are very heavy.

For giggles, I decided to zoom in and take a closer look at what’s in Mary’s cart. Check out this extreme close-up:

It looks like we have some tuna fish, cake mix, and, of course, ranch dressing. Give Mary credit – she’s Oklahoma to the bone! I think she’s making what they call Tecumseh Pie.

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32 Responses

  1. Hard to tell, but that looks like some chicken broth and one of those “gubmint cheese”-type blocks of cheddar on the left. Pretty sure that makes it Poteau pie. Mmm Mmm, good!

    1. Don’t knock Tillamook cheese until you try it

      1. “Don’t knock Tillamook cheese until you try it.”

        Indeed. The extra sharp cheddar is da friggin bomb.

      2. That’s not gonna be Tillamook at Wal-Mart, it’s gonna be Velveeta cheese “food”.

        1. The nearby supercenter is absolutely where I pick up my Tillamook blocks. I feel in love with it years ago (seems like a lifetime now) after visiting their factory in Oregon.

  2. Like Archie Campbell and Cousin Roy Clark crooned;” Thank God an’ Greyhound,She’s gone!”

    1. Yep..

  3. I can’t believe this disgusting crook chooses to remain in Oklahoma. Guess it’s for the best if any legal matters pop up related to her sucking the life out of the state. .
    I wish her the worst.

    1. Seems like she would have done like her hero frank the cock bite keating did…run like a striped ass ape as soon as he could!!

    2. Care to point out the crimes she committed?

      1. Gross Negligence

      2. Here are my two most notable Mary Fallin stab-in-the-back achievements:
        April 15, 2014. Gov. Mary Fallin on Monday signed a measure that bars cities and towns from increasing the minimum wage above the state rate.
        Gov. Mary Fallin on May 29, 2015 signed into law a bill preventing towns, cities and counties from banning hydraulic fracturing and other oil and gas activities.

        Go ahead. Tell me I dont understand how business works so she did what was best for ALL of us.

        1. Enacting legislation with which you do not agree is not a crime or an impeachable offense. As a not-so-great philosopher once said, “elections have consequences”.

  4. She won’t be here long. Old Jim Inhofe is saving his senate seat for her.

    1. Heard his first choice is Scott Pruitt.

  5. I saw her and current hubby Counselor Christensen at Crest in Edmond a few weeks ago. No electric cart then, must have been pre-surgery.


  7. Omg, shes just like us regular folks with the ranch dressing!

  8. Will we see her at the state fair as the new guardian?

  9. She is in her happy place!

  10. I’m guessing the lady behind her is laughing at Mary’s sparkly sandals and the bicycle chain around her neck.

    1. That’s the second thing I noticed. I hope she laughed loudly. Lol

  11. *Tuna fish*

    1. Is that anything like “hamburger meat?”

  12. Is she disabled now? Not sure why she’s taking a motorized cart away from someone that needs it…. or a fellow obese person too lazy to walk.

    1. Do you typically just comment on pictures with out reading the story or did comprehension elude you?

      Article clearly states she had surgery.

  13. Actually you mix all the items in her basket then roll them into golf ball shapes they make excellent catfish bait for your trot line. You can make her take the trailer off the lot but you can’t take the trailer out of her life.

  14. At least the state isn’t having to provide a Highway Patrol “driver” for her any longer. Enjoy retirement ex Governor Cougar!

  15. Looks like she’s also making some Oklahoma brownies. heh heh

  16. I know the Gov’s approval rating was only 14% going out the door of the mansion but surely, surely……………. someone, anyone will spring forth to tell a good deed story about her eight years as Queen Bee, or four fiddling around in DC, or a bunch as Light Gov, or a stretch in the lower house, or in college at OSU, or how about high school over in Tecumseh? Cheerleader, home economics best cake baker, honor society honorary member, girl scout, pom pom promoter?

    Come on Aggies. Give us something. We deserve SOMETHING!

    Oh now I remember. It was the Oklahoma Sub-Standard. Thanks for nothing.

  17. Yep..

  18. Everybody loves ranch dressing so…

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