Ogle Madness XII: West Region, Sweet Sixteen

Ogle Madness continues with the Sweet 16 matches from the West Region. For the most part, this side of the bracket has held to form, with Marla Morgan pulling a Duke and narrowly avoiding an upset by Buying Wine in the Grocery Store.

Here are the matchups:

(1) Marla Morgan vs (5) Nipple Church
(2) Lacey Swope vs (3) Carrie Underwood 


(1) Marla Morgan

Round Two: Defeated (8) Buying Wine at Grocery Store 446-412

Who: Mike Morgan’s hot wife and last year’s Ogle Madness champion

Biggest Strength: Oklahoma’s defining MILF

Biggest Weakness: Her husband’s flashier ties

(5) Nipple Church

Round Two: Defeated (13) Maps 4 513-243

Who: The “distinctive architectural” looking church

Biggest Strength: Shaped like a perky breast for worship

Biggest Weakness: Will probably become a Del Taco and Jack In The Box


(1) Marla Morgan vs (5) Nipple Church

  • (1) Marla Morgan (54%, 428 Votes)
  • (5) Nipple Church (46%, 367 Votes)

Total Voters: 795

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(2) Lacey Swope

Round Two: Defeated (7) OKC Streetcar 551-213

Who: Severe weather babe and former Ogle Madness champion

Biggest Strength: Being the best smoke-show in front of a green screen

Biggest Weakness: Not knowing distance in relation to family time

(3) Carrie Underwood

Round Two: Defeated (11) Lawton 590-172

Who: Modern country music icon

Biggest Strength: Appreciation of hearing-impaired fans

Biggest Weakness: Live Musicals on NBC


(2) Lacey Swope vs (3) Carrie Underwood

  • (2) Lacey Swope (58%, 448 Votes)
  • (3) Carrie Underwood (42%, 324 Votes)

Total Voters: 772

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10 Responses

  1. Nipple church is cool and all… But that picture of Marla is nice. I don’t even like the Cowboys

  2. I can’t believe Nipple Church is being beat by two boobs and legs. She’s married, guys. Voting for won’t make her want you!

  3. We’ve seen the nipple church’s nipple, Marla needs to figure a creative way to do the same on her Facebook page without getting censored.

  4. Christ, this is the bracket of who gives a fuck? None of these should have made it this far.

    1. Three hot ladies and a boob shaped building?
      I would argue this is the best bracket in the game.

    2. Ummmm…it’s three super-hotties and a church that is shaped like a boob. So you’d probably rather see Joe Exotic, Aaron Tuttle, and “severe weather dongs”?!?!

      1. Not really, but three middle-aged 4s and a decrepit building isn’t that big of an improvement.

        1. Wow- If Marla, Carrie Underwood and Lacy fall into the category of “middle aged 4’s” on your scale, all I can say is “Te salut, Don Baloo”.

          1. Prolly just an INCEL shit talker.

  5. 1- Interesting comments above. Marla IS married and the church isn’t, to my knowledge, but it NEVER CAN BE so gotta go with long term possibilities. It’s pins and boobs over planks and beams. Also two boobs are always better than one – except when it comes to president and vice-president.
    2- Unless Lacey’s arrow will exorcise from jungle Joe Exotic, perfect target in the animal underworld, gotta go with the fetching pout of Carrie Underwear……sorry, wood. What a boner of a mistake.

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