Ogle Madness XII: The Elite 8

Good Monday morning, you bright-eyed, bushy-tailed Oklahomans. After two weeks, of voting, we’ve reached the Elite 8 of Ogle Madness (view the bracket here).

Here’s the incredible slate of matchups:

(2) Steven Adams vs (5) Kendra Horn
(3) OKC Cock Ring vs (12) Emily Virgin
(1) Marla Morgan vs (2) Lacey Swope
(1) Russell Westbrook vs (3) Teachers

The Elite 8 has a bit of everything Ogle Madness has to offer – media babes, politicians, occupations, athletes and public art. Who will advance to the Final 4? Cast your vote after the jump…

(2) Steven Adams

Last Round: Defeated (3) Kyler Murray 522-231

Who: Center for the OKC Thunder

Biggest Strength: Fun charisma

Biggest Weakness: Known to play dirty sometimes

(5) Kendra Horn

Last Round: Defeated (1) Emily Sutton 387-369

Who: A blue beacon in a sea of red

Biggest Strength: Giving Democrats hope that a vote does count

Biggest Weakness: That same hope being dashed when Republicans don’t give a shit

(2) Steven Adams vs (5) Kendra Horn

  • (2) Steven Adams (55%, 464 Votes)
  • (5) Kendra Horn (45%, 378 Votes)

Total Voters: 842

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(3) OKC Cock Ring

Last Round: Defeated (2) Lincoln Riley 419-301

Who: The best art Oklahoma City has to offer

Biggest Strength: Perfect photo-ops

Biggest Weakness: The person who thought it was a great idea

(12) Emily Virgin

Last Round: Defeated (1) Paul George 388-363

Who: Oklahoma House of Representatives Minority Leader

Biggest Strength: Common sense and a good moral compass

Biggest Weakness: Parks and Rec

(3) OKC Cock Ring vs (12) Emily Virgin

  • (3) OKC Cock Ring (57%, 472 Votes)
  • 12) Emily Virgin (43%, 355 Votes)

Total Voters: 827

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(1) Marla Morgan

Last Round: Defeated (13) Nipple Church 428-367

Who: Mike Morgan’s hot wife and last year’s Ogle Madness champion

Biggest Strength: Oklahoma’s defining MILF

Biggest Weakness: Her husband’s flashier ties

(2) Lacey Swope

Last Round: Defeated (3) Carrie Underwood 448-324

Who: Severe weather babe and former Ogle Madness champion

Biggest Strength: Being the best smoke-show in front of a green screen

Biggest Weakness: Not knowing distance in relation to family time

(1) Marla Morgan vs (2) Lacey Swope

  • (2) Lacey Swope (64%, 533 Votes)
  • (1) Marla Morgan (36%, 306 Votes)

Total Voters: 839

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(1) Russell Westbrook

Last Round: Defeated (12) Skirvin Ghost 413-235

Who: One of the best to play the game

Biggest Strength: Basketballing

Biggest Weakness: Racist Utah Jazz Fans

(3) Teachers

Last Round: Defeated (2) Joleen Chaney 344-296

Who: People most screwed by Oklahoma lawmakers lack of empathy

Biggest Strength: Education and crowd-sourcing

Biggest Weakness: Disposable income

(1) Russell Westbrook vs (3) Teachers

  • (3) Teachers (60%, 488 Votes)
  • (1) Russell Westbrook (40%, 319 Votes)

Total Voters: 807

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12 Responses

  1. As I type this, Lacey leads Marla 178-99.

    Time for Marla to awaken her social media machine. Elections aren’t won on popularity alone.

  2. Is Russ feeling the effects of the on court shit show we are seeing post All-Star break?

  3. Morgan is down by 154 at 3:30. If she wins this, SHE’S CHEATING!!!!

    1. Still beautiful and funny. Not to mention a great ER nurse.

    2. Did you really just stomp your foot and put your hands on your hips when you said that???

      1. And thank you Steve for the kind words!!!

  4. Collusion

  5. It was a great run, Marla-I’m disappointed you didn’t win, but Lacey is top notch as well. I think to showcase what the voters may have missed is for you to flood this site with pics, more of you, less of the clothes-just kidding (not really)……………by the way, I think you and Mike should go as the “Slingers” from the commercial this Halloween! LOL

    You may have been eliminated but you’re always final four in my book!

  6. M&M, Fine candy, fine couple, fine Oklahomans doing important work for all of us……..seriously.

  7. Down goes Westbrook!! You’ve probably pissed him off (which may be redundant as he’s ALWAYS pissed off) so much he’ll get his 53rd technical of the season and be suspended for half of next season.

    1. Westbrook, who I have met and he couldn’t have been kinder or more generous to a modest request I made, was so ‘pissed’ off tonight that he did something not done in the last 51 years. 20/20/21 as in twenty points, twenty rebounds and twenty one assists. The last to do that was some fellow named Chamberlain in 68 a very good year for him and a terrible year for America and the world.

  8. Thank you ALL for the very nice things you’ve said!! Lacy is a very lovely young lady and I wish her the very best!!!!! I will give my farewell speech and turn over my crown when all is said and done to whomever or……….whatever wins!!

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