Game Over – Thieves caught after stealing from Arcade Santa

Arcades, known now as video game graveyards, have become relics of time not so long ago. What once housed people with pockets full of quarters is now a nostalgic hub for collectors, hipsters, and now, nostalgia thieves.


A collector of “old school” arcade games alerted Oklahoma County sheriff’s deputies, after four of his vintage 1970s and 80s era vintage games were stolen from his home.

John Loftis says he received a call Monday from a man, who then sent him photos of those games, and told Loftis he was interested in selling them. Loftis immediately alerted deputies, who set up a sting operation at Love’s Travel Stop at I-35 and Southwest 89th Street in Moore.

Perry Don Ingle and his alleged accomplice Candi Bailey were arrested as soon as they arrived at the Love’s Monday, hauling the stolen games in the back of a moving truck.

It’s unfortunate when arcade Bluetooth Santa has his home robbed. That being said, have you ever tried to move one of those arcade machines? It takes serious effort and planning to the haul off the hunking pile of basic gaming, yet somehow, an older man and his lady with 80’s porn-star names were able to pull off the deed.

Check them out:

I think those are the bad guys from Double Dragon.

Here’s more:

Loftis says they got what they deserved. “I’ve never met them, but I don’t think this is their first go round either,” he said.

Bailey was also arrested on four drug complaints.

Wow, who would’ve thought that someone willing to sell arcade games from a holly-jolly collector would also be dealing in drugs? Who knows, maybe Pac-Man plays better on narcotics.