Mike Morgan calls out Damon Lane for premature tornado declaration…

We’re still in the early midst of Oklahoma’s severe weather season, and TV meteorologists are already hard at work making sure they get credit for catching the first tornado of the season. That’s what KOCO 5 Chief Meteorologist Damon Lane did on Saturday night. He stuck his “Tornado First” flag in the ground on April 6th with this tweet: […]

Miranda Lambert sings about getting the hell out of Oklahoma…

In some ways, you have to appreciate the irony that Oklahoma’s greatest contribution to mainstream American pop culture comes in the form of commercial country music. It’s a shitty, boring form of music, and we’re a shitty, boring state that’s great at producing it. In fact, according to a recent WalletHub report, we now pump out more red […]

Ogle Madness XII Championship: (2) Steven Adams vs (3) Teachers

After 62 matches, tens of thousands of votes and a few really close calls, it’s all come down to this – The Ogle Madness XII Championship Game. Here are your two remaining competitors: (2) Steven Adams vs (3) Teachers Before we get to voting, let’s take a look at their journeys through the Ogle Madness Bracket. […]

Weekend News Recap

OKC had our most recent Open Streets yesterday, which is the thing where the city shuts down several blocks of a street so people can walk around aimlessly and eat from food trucks, which is literally the only way that we know how to put on a special event. We live two blocks away from […]