Ogle Madness XII Championship: (2) Steven Adams vs (3) Teachers

After 62 matches, tens of thousands of votes and a few really close calls, it’s all come down to this – The Ogle Madness XII Championship Game. Here are your two remaining competitors:

(2) Steven Adams vs (3) Teachers

Before we get to voting, let’s take a look at their journeys through the Ogle Madness Bracket.

(2) Steven Adams: Last year’s runner-up swiped the floor in the first three rounds of Ogle Madness defeating contenders such as (15) Sam Anderson, (7) Louie’s Girls and (3) Kyler Murray. The Thunder player began to feel some resistance in the later rounds starting when he came up against (5) Kendra Horn in the Elite 8 bracket only winning by 86 votes. During the Final Four, Adams beat the infamous (3) OKC Cock Ring by a whopping 240 votes.

(3) Teachers: These underpaid classroom warriors have marched through the Ogle Madness field like it was the State Capitol building in the spring of 2018. After thoroughly handling (14) Markwayne Mullin in Round 1, and (11) Ribeye – the official Oklahoma steak – in Round 2, they ran roughshod through a gauntlet of Ogle Madness heavyweights, including (2) Joleen Chaney, (1) Russell Westbrook and two-time champion (2) Lacey Swope.

Without further delay, here is your final round! Voting runs through midnight tomorrow…

(2) Steven Adams

Last Round: Defeated (3) OKC Cock Ring 721-431

Who: Center for the OKC Thunder

Biggest Strength: Fun charisma

Biggest Weakness: Known to play dirty sometimes


(3) Teachers

Last Round: Defeated (2) Lacey Swope 682-504

Who: People most screwed by Oklahoma lawmakers lack of empathy

Biggest Strength: Education and crowd-sourcing

Biggest Weakness: Disposable income

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17 Responses

  1. Worst. Matchup. Ever.

    1. +100

      1. +100 more

  2. I was really hoping that the Cock Ring would clinch the championship. Oh well, Steven Adams it is.

    Shouldn’t the teachers have a bunch of women lawyers voting for them that were supposed to take up their cause? Whatever happened to that movement?

  3. Vote Steven. Less likely to use the win to demand more attention.

  4. Love our teachers! Teachers = Nurses But what more can I do? As outgoing Oglemaddess Champ, I went horseback riding with my BFF Joleen, brought the totally vote worthy “ring” into the mainstream, thought about putting an anemometer on my head (my hubby has one!) for Lacy, but that would be a little over the top…..Jeeze people! Whaddya going to do when I’m gone!!

    1. Just for the record,i voted for ya!

  5. Kiwi Krunch is great and looks like Khal Drogo and all but he’s about as “Oklahoman” as Yorkshire Pudding. Whatever the hell that is?

  6. The only thing that will be able to stop a teacher in their tracks is their Snapchats with their students going public….

  7. While Steven Adams is a cool dude, you really have to admire the teachers of Oklahoma. You especially have to admire the ones that went to the capitol to show the public just how bad the situation is in the classroom. They also showed us all how arrogant and out of touch many of our elected officials become after being elected in a “safe” district. They also showed us the danger of one-party rule at the capitol.

    Even removing the politics, the teachers reminded us that the public is still in charge, but sometimes you have to stick your neck out to fix problems. Our politicians did suffer some bruised egos from the teachers, and probably will continue to try to retaliate, as that is what our politicians do to those they deem to be enemies.

    Popularity contest, or political statement, I’m going to have to vote with the teachers, as I think they have done far more in improving the state than pretty much anyone else in the bracket.

  8. I voted for Teachers, just so I can put Ogle Madness Winner 2019 on my resume when I move to Texas.

  9. Whining Oklahoma teachers can suck it.

  10. “Teachers” will be literally the worst champion in ogle madness history. Retire this tournament.

  11. Hahaha…look at all these weirdo home school nerds whining about the teachers winning a dumb online vote poll. All the other regular kids in your neighborhood thought you sucked.

    1. I know whose Children those Parents belong to.
      The Apple don’ fall too far from the fambly tree ’cause it don’ branch too durn good.
      The only reason they love is for the free meals and the free daycare.

  12. What do teachers and Steven Adams have in common? They both have summers off.

  13. Seriously, but not very because this contest is designed mostly for fun, The Kiwi knocks down $25,842, 561.11 or thereabouts for dribbling around during 81 games this season. Generously allocating $50,000. 04 per teacher The Giant’s bread equals that of 517 educators most of whom have to pay attention to the cost of bread.

    And the price for crayons, paper, books, etc that many contribute annually to their students. No question The Man From Down Under has and will provide many memories. Teachers only many futures.

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