Weekend News Recap

OKC had our most recent Open Streets yesterday, which is the thing where the city shuts down several blocks of a street so people can walk around aimlessly and eat from food trucks, which is literally the only way that we know how to put on a special event. We live two blocks away from 23rd street, my girlfriend just got some nice new rollerskates, and I needed an excuse to not sleep all day, so we checked it out. At first, we were gonna count all the cute dogs that we saw, but that number was so dizzying that we gave up immediately.

Open Streets

Seriously though, less strollers and more dogs. Preferably, more dogs riding in strollers. And goats, more goats please.

Meet Our New State Commissioner!

Nobody really knows what a state commissioner does, but let’s check out what Jeff McCoolDude and the republicans want for Oklahoma:

• “We oppose the portrayal of homosexual or promiscuous behavior in a positive light in public schools.”
• “We oppose any non-chromosonal gender re-education and the teaching of LGBTQ lifestyle, history, and demonstration in public schools.”
• “We oppose paying congressional members and their staff during any government shutdown.”
• “We oppose socialized medicine, the Affordable Care Act, or any other nationalized health care system.”
• “We oppose the designation of public schools as ‘gun free zones.’”
• “We insist that any candidate receiving money and/or support from the Republican Party shall affirm and promote Traditional Marriage and Pro-Life Values.” The platform defines traditional marriage as one between a man and a woman.

It’s super cool to see the state’s predominant party’s platform is basically, “We don’t want to make anything better, let’s just be a bunch of creeps who want to repress anyone who’s not white and straight and rich like we are.”

Dad Rock News

This kinda thing happens to all kinds of musicians, and it rarely ever gets solved. Pretty stoked to see justice served so that the TGI Friday’s in Catoosa doesn’t have to miss out on any more Rob Thomas covers.

Reason #2439087 Why Oklahomans Aren’t Responsible Enough For Open Carry:

I know this story will sound like a shocker, but a drunk white guy got scared by nothing and shot up his apartment. It’s gun owners like this that we’re expected to trust to carry around deadly weapons because some dead guys wrote about guns in our constitution hundreds of years ago. We’re about to be a Top 10 State in some new and egregious statistics come November 1st…

Say Cheese!

Gotta love to see police use a misdemeanor offender as an excuse to take a cheesy group photo. I wish they had the creativity to do a Charlie’s Angels pose to make things more fun, but it wouldn’t be too flattering for their cop ponch bellies.

However, there are still some police out there doing nice things:

Steven’s Sports Beat

Just when the Thunder looked like they had peaked before the All-Star break, they start to come alive at just the right time. Friday night, homegrown sensation Blake Griffin was in OKC with the Pistons and tried to play the role of spoiler. The Thunder had no part of it, and played together as a team. Behind by one at the start of the 4th, the boys from the 405 lit Detroit up. Fast-forward to Sunday night, Westbrook does what Westbrook does and solidified his averaging a triple-double for a 3rd straight season. It’s not a big upset, but it’s a team that’s beaten OKC three times this year, and it marked a third straight win for the Thunder. It takes a lot of steam to get a train moving. Let’s hope this is a playoff train.

Really though, let this sink in: Westbrook just secured his third straight season where he averaged a triple-double. He ain’t gonna win an MVP for it this season, and the Thunder aren’t really looking like they’ll grab their first title this year, but watching this level of performance is the kinda thing you’ll tell your kids about one day.

Sooner fans, rejoice. Another Big 12/MWC/PAC 10 Conference Championship for the Mens Gymnastics team is in the books. Now when Texass or oSu fans want to brag about golf or wrestling pedigrees, you can drop the “OH YEAH, WELL, OU HAS FIVE STRAIGHT MEN’S GYMNASTICS CHAMPIONSHIPS!”  Mic. Drop.