David Payne declares victory in premature tornado controversy!

It looks like we’re about to have a full-blown tornadogate on our hands! Yesterday afternoon, we told you about the tornado declaration controversy that developed between KOCO 5’s Damon Lane and KFOR 4’s Mike Morgan. The tl;dr is Damon Lane, in a now deleted tweet, claimed his squadron of storm chasers captured exclusive footage of the first […]

Kid spray paints prom proposal on Shawnee High School…

High school can be one of the best and most challenging times in one’s life. Growing into adulthood, sneaking your first beer, and hiding your random erections all while trying to graduate. Of course, the pinnacle of puberty lies on prom night. As for this Shawnee student, the only time they may be spending is with […]

7 tips for running a profitable business in Oklahoma

With the weather getting warmer, people seem to be looking for ways to increase their income to fund things like new summer clothes and family vacations that their children will remember in therapy. While many people try to fund their summer expenses by working overtime or cutting their budgets, many find it surprisingly easy and […]

TLO Restaurant Review: Crudoolandia (on S.W. 29th)

If the constant stream of memes on your parent’s Facebook page hasn’t clued you in, the weather in Oklahoma has been an Irwin Allen-style stream of extremes as of late, from pipe-freezing cold temps or slanted rain with surprise bits of hail being the most prevalent, leaving many of the local meteorologists to hurl their […]