Kid spray paints prom proposal on Shawnee High School…

High school can be one of the best and most challenging times in one’s life.

Growing into adulthood, sneaking your first beer, and hiding your random erections all while trying to graduate. Of course, the pinnacle of puberty lies on prom night. As for this Shawnee student, the only time they may be spending is with the police.


It’s a prom proposal gone wrong.

Shawnee students and staff found a wall at the school covered in graffiti Monday morning. It appears to be someone’s proposal to the prom.

But, the person responsible could now be looking at a trip to jail.

In Oklahoma, if the damages are over $1,000, it’s automatically a felony.

I’ve seen cleverer, and more destructive, attempts at romance from a Smashmouth song blasted from a broken speaker. Also, spare a thought for whoever Alice is. I think her high school crush may huff spray paint.

Here’s more:

“Prom though,” Alexander said. “Like, just ask her will you go to prom with me. That’s crazy. People do crazy things and think it’s alright.”

Maintenance crews spent Monday morning scrubbing off what they could, but there’s still a long way to go.

I’m about as sappy as an old oak tree, but this graffiti message is a bit much. Romance must be subtle as it is delicate. In this person’s case, they are about as subtle as a $1,000 felony.

That said, I couldn’t agree more with Alexis Alexander; if you’re unsure about how your potential might react, then maybe you shouldn’t spray paint your own school. Maybe, I don’t know, walk up to the person and talk to them like the adult you desperately want to be.

Romance may not be his niche, but writing and Game of Thrones knowledge is. Follow Brandon on Twitter @notshabbywriter.

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5 Responses

  1. Poor Alice!

  2. Put out an All-Points-Bulletin for a Chesire Cat!

  3. Once the girl finds out who did it, she’ll say NO thanks

  4. Someday soon the perp is likely to be a vocal member of “incel,” wondering why women won’t have anything to do with him.

  5. I’m surprised that there’s not more “Go Ask Alice” jokes in the comments.

    TLO’ers, I am disappointed.

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