Old skater dad wants to show off to Oklahoma children

Are you looking for something to do which will bring you nostalgia with a tinge of absurd depression? Then come on down to the opening of the Stars & Stripes skate park in Oklahoma City this Sunday. Attendees will have the chance to meet an old pro skater turned B-grade video game star, Tony Hawk.


Tony Hawk is among several professional skateboarders who will be hosting the grand opening of a new skate park in Oklahoma City.

OKC Parks & Recreation and Birdhouse Skateboard Company are hosting Tony Hawk, Clint Walker and the entire Birdhouse Skateboard team for the opening of the new skate park at Stars & Stripes Park in Oklahoma City.

If this were the mid-90’s, I’d be thrilled. Instead, I’m left wondering what other Mountain Dew drinkers turned this down before Tony Hawk said yes? Was Matt Hoffman too busy with his wildly meh career? What about this guy? Did Rob Dyrdek turn the gig down to host his MTV show best reviewed by MetaCritic, “Actually, the bigger danger is in watching the show in the first place: You might die of boredom. In other words, don’t try this at home.”

More importantly, how long will it take for a kid to ask, “wait, so the guy from the video game is a real person?”

Here’s more:

The event, held Sunday, April 14, is free and begins at 1 p.m. with a demo skate from the Birdhouse Team and other special guests. It will end with a meet-and-greet with the Birdhouse team.

Those who participate  can hit the course with the pros and performs tricks for cash.

I feel the need to emphasize that Tony Hawk is 50 years old. If I told you that we were going to go watch a 50-year-old do skate tricks at a park, you’d justifiably tell me to go home. You wouldn’t go rushing anywhere to watch a 50-year-old do the same tricks that made them famous 20 years ago.

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34 Responses

  1. That 50 year old would probably beat your ass.

    1. +1

      1. +2

        ..and yeah, I’m going to take my “old” ass right down to lake Hefner to see a legend:)

    2. Agreed. That 50 year old is a legend. Why can’t you just appreciate the fact that he came to OKC to put on a free show. Dumbass.

      1. Right. This is one of the most terrible articles I’ve ever seen on the LO. Not even humorous in the least, and just reeks of age-ism. FO Brandon.

  2. Bashing Tony Hawk? Why? Grow up…. +2 your ass gets beat

  3. Tony Hawk is a living legend that is coming to OKC for community outreach and you are ripping him….what’s wrong with you?

  4. Hey Brandon!

    Get the hell outta my yard!

  5. Why the shade? This guy made it possible for the others to exist. Nothing wrong with wanting to see a legend even if he is 50.

  6. Why are you being so goddamn hateful? Show us on the doll where Tony Hawk touched you, little boy. Jeez, he has been a legend since forever and would still out skate you and anyone else around – even at 50. I know he’s not a You Tube star that you feel some kind of kinship with, but come on. Lay off the hate. Celebrate a cool thing coming to Oklahoma. Not everything is for your snark. Go be miserable by yourself.

  7. This ain’t it, chief.

  8. 50 is old? Um…no. Sorry Charlie LOL!

  9. Dang Brandon, Looks like you touched a nerve with us old folks. It would be embarrassing to see a youngster get an arse beating at a skate park.

  10. You really not stop listening to the Real Jim Traber, this is sounding just like one of his Westbrook rants. Can you not find anything you actually like about Tony Hawk, or you jealous because your SO wants to go see the Great Hawk and you can’t ride a board?

  11. I personally would watch an old guy do skateboard tricks. The older the better I say…

  12. you got me so fired up my Geritol induced rage made me leave our a “need” between You and really, as in You really need to stop listening to the Real Jim Traber.

  13. “Attendees will have the chance to meet an old pro skater turned B-grade video game star, Tony Hawk.”

    I’d be happy to thank that 50-year-old “B-grade video game star” for helping direct through his foundation almost 9 million dollars to building skateparks in underprivileged communities . . . or for just caring enough to do something to make the world a little better. https://tonyhawkfoundation.org/

  14. Don’t skate. Don’t even like it, but Hawk’s an all-around good dude and has been for a long time. you don’t have to kiss his ass, but you don’t gotta be a dick. Not sure where that line is, but you manged to find it.
    As a “Millennial Pioneer”, you’ve descended to the level of expectation.

  15. The guy is a legend, and a generous one at that. This article lost TLO some points for me. I know we’re all hipster hostile these days as a requirement to be cool but wouldn’t it be nice to be the standout and find something positive to say just once? Maybe it’s my old lady attitude showing.

  16. I smell what you’re stepping in, Brandon. I, personally, have always had mad respect for Hawk. I get your attempt at humor but roasting Hawk is like trying to roast Mr Rogers…there are better targets. Wanna roast “old folks”?…start swinging the stick at the geriatrics that are filling political roles. If the median age in the US is 30 y/o, there is a serious misrepresentation of the populace.

  17. Why you gotta be a Jackhole about it?

  18. Tony Hawk is publicly known to be a really nice guy and is kind of untouchable. Kind of in the same realm as Stan Lee and Steve Irwin. All he is doing is promoting a sport that he loves. I was amazed and overjoyed that he was coming to OKC. Then I read your story and kind of feel like you really missed the point here.

  19. I think him coming here is Totally Awesome!!!

    Skater kids were always the coolest & I’m so glad this city has given them a place to practice. It’s about time!! Hope the park stays clean & safe so kids have somewhere to go where they aren’t out getting in trouble or making babies.

  20. Dude or duderino if you are into the whole brevity thing.. Dissing the Hawk!? For real? He was pulling tricks that you mumble rap lovers still can’t pull before you were even born!

  21. So at 63 should I just drink a gallon of Hai Karate and crawl into a corner and die? Who knew the old guy demographics for The Lost Ogle was so big?

  22. Maybe Brandon will show up and talk his brand of trash in person? Nah, didn’t think so.

  23. As an ancient 49 year old this chaps my support hose! I love good snark, but Tony Hawk is still amazing…can’t say more than others have except long live the old timers. Dang I thought 50 was the new 20, guess I ought to break out my walker and apply for my social security.

  24. What a bunch of groupies, heaven forbid this was about Oklahoma’s own Matt Hoffman…. you could hand out tissues with every post….. now some one show me a mick twist

    1. It’s spelled ‘Mat’ with one ‘T’. It’s always easy to recognize those who never had any coordination or skills to be able to skate, bmx or even play basketball.

      1. Yea you speak as if you were there… I can say I’ve been taken to jail for skating in okc… that’s the old okc jail….. just to put a date on it….. playing skate hockey on the roof of the old mercy hospital parking garage down on 13th st… four of us went to jail on a summer afternoon and we never go our boards back…. but the better part is that one of us got away…. into the abandon mercy hospital to live and tell the tale ….. and as far as Matt Hoffman goes I never new him as well as I new his older brother Travis…. broke my arm jumping bikes in okc as well….. that’s before Matt ever had foam pit to jump into but hey that’s another story …. maybe we could catch up at evel kineval days sometime…..

  25. Hey Brandon – where were you (or patrick or anyone) when the lawyer with bed bugs story broke? That brought the Lost Ogle’s ability to recognize a good/bad story into serious question. Probably would have broke the number of comments record. Even the national media picked that one up while The Lost Ogle was asleep at the wheel.

    By the way, this story is is why it’s called The Lost Ogle – headed for The Really Lost Ogle!

  26. When I read the headline I thought it was Robert Francis “beto” oroarke

  27. Okay, Jim, I know you’re afraid to go on the air today, but maybe ripping on Tony Hawk on TLO isn’t the best use of your time.

  28. Wow. Just WOW.

    Are there other aging champions that are using their time to develop their sport they love and promote it, that you would like to trash?

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