Next-Door Narc bothered by weed smell

When medical marijauna was legalized last year, many in the medical community and general population rejoiced. Finally, the state is mentally moving forward; or so we thought. Even as legislation has passed and dispensaries continue to take up shop in abandoned buildings, skeptics continue to do what they do best- complain.

Via News 9:

A metro business owner is upset over the smell coming from her neighbor. 

Jessi Lane owns Roc Animal Training and Behavior at Southwest 89th Street and Walker Avenue. She says occasionally her business is filled with a strong odor of marijuana.

About a month ago, a dispensary opened right next door. Lane is worried about what it could mean for business.

“I have families in and out of here with kids. I don’t want to lose business. I don’t want a mom coming in with her school age kids and they smell something, and they think I’m doing something,” says Lane.

It’s a little ironic to be on a high horse about smell when you run an operation which more than likely smells like animal assholes. Also, you don’t want them to think you’re doing something? Are you afraid people are going to assume your force-feeding animals some edibles you picked up?

Here’s more:

Lane has complained to the Medical Marijuana Authority.

The dispensary next door says it now uses a filtration system after hearing from Lane. The dispensary also got Lane special charcoal filters for her vents.

Lane says “Budz” doesn’t keep the filtration system on for long enough, but the owner maintains they only turn it off at night.

To be an equal-opportunity jerk, Budz sounds like the mating call for frat bros drunk off of canned, lukewarm Budweiser.

I think Lane is pulling Mr. Furley from Three’s Company. Except, instead of possibly catching people doing the dirty deed, she’s being a narc on a substance which has been legalized by the state. She complained to the people directly, she complained to the Medical Marijuana Authority, and now she’s complaining to the news.

Why not go the extra mile and shoo the store owners out with the back end of a broom?

I understand operating a small business is hard work and working next door to another business can be difficult. That said, you have to get along with those people. After going to the authorities and inadvertently putting them on the news, do you think they’ll help you if necessary?