Automated robo-priest is scamming Oklahomans…

Grandma always said that God works in mysterious ways. Out of orange sherbet push pops? That’s God’s way of saying you’ve had enough sweets for the day. Lose your favorite toy? Well that’s just God’s way of saying be grateful for what you do have. Did you fall off the coffee table while pretending it’s […]

Dope Movie + Marijuana Pairings to Celebrate 4/20!

Ten short months after the fine voters of this great state legalized medical marijuana, Oklahomans get to enjoy their first official 4/20 holiday on Saturday. To help you celebrate in proper form, I’ve compiled a shortlist of movies, and paired each with strains of fine Oklahoma-grown marijuana. I should warn you in advance, this is not a Cheech […]

Stitt bans vaping in schools. “Cool” kids mourn

The year was 2015 when I first smoked a vape pen. I remember thinking the device resembled what Dr. Who’s sonic screwdriver would look like if it came out of the closet. Regardless, everyone seemed to enjoy it. Store owners said it was an alternative to smoking real cigarettes because you could take it anywhere. At […]