Authorities bust Beaver County meth nuts

Oklahoma – the Mecca of meth-trafficking – strikes again.

This time, authorities were able to snatch a massive dump in Beaver County. To hell with a few ounces of grass or some a bag of smack – we’re talking about enough for meth for even the most conservative to ejaculate, “Oh heavens to Betsy!”


BEAVER COUNTY, Okla. –A traffic stop in the Panhandle led an Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper to the discovery of more than 30 pounds of methamphetamine.

In all, troopers found about 35 pounds of meth on Saturday and District One Narcotics Task Force Agents were called to assist.

Despite the massive load discovered in Beaver, drug trafficking is not something to laugh about. In no way would we here at The Lost Ogle make jokes about something as serious as meth dealing, especially for the Beaver Duster community. We would never want to be offensive and rub the button in a harsh manner.

Here’s more:

Authorities say the drugs were headed to Tulsa.

Three people were arrested in connection to the incident.

They were taking the drugs to Tulsa? You’d think they would have been heading for Hooker or Slapout.

Either way, we’d like to thank local law enforcement for their efforts to keep the Beaver area clean, and a warm, safe place to raise a loving family.