Stephanie Bice is running for congress

Here’s what I said about Kendra Horn back in November, the day after she upset Wikipedia master editor Steve Russell to win Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District:

I rarely, if ever, personally and publicly vouch for politicians, but let me say that Kendra is legit and awesome. I’ve roasted Joe Dorman with her in Chickasha and talked life and politics with her over old fashioneds at R&J Lounge. It will be interesting to see how she goes about things in Washington, and especially interesting to see how the State GOP responds to her victory in 2020 – you know they’ll be salivating all over it – but at least for now, Oklahoma City will be singing a new blue song in Washington.

If the Oklahoma GOP gets its way, that blue song may only last a couple of verses.

Yesterday afternoon, State Senator Stephanie Bice – an Oklahoma City Republican that people on Twitter seem to think is a moderate because she drinks craft beer, likes food trucks and is accessible on social media – announced she is seeking the Republican Nomination for the 5th Congressional District in the 2020 election.

Here’s her Tweet about it:

Maybe I missed it thanks to medical marijuana becoming legal, but when did the Oklahoma turnaround happen? Just because we elected a businessman with bushy eyebrows to prance around a campfire making S’mores with lawmakers while singing songs about Oklahoma being a Top 10 state, doesn’t mean things are fixed.

Also, I know Washington D.C. is a screwed up place, but what are they going to learn from Oklahoma? We’re the state that elected Mary Fallin as our Governor…twice! We should not be offering any advice.

Outside of those two complaints, I don’t have a problem with Bice’s Twitter announcement. I actually think it’s a smart decision for her to run. If she can win the Republican nomination, and spin the race as moderate smart professional woman vs. moderate smart professional woman who just happens to be pro-life and pro-business, I think she could win.

To her credit, Bice was the all-too-eager face of alcohol reform in this state – and despite voters approving major reform measures via State Questions – she took credit for making alcohol access more convenient for Oklahoma consumers. Granted, those same laws seem to have disproportionately impacted liquor store owners and smaller distributors to the benefit of huge out-of-state interests and corporations (or that we’re still having to fix legislative mistakes and oversights), but you can now buy Prosecco at Sprouts on a Sunday morning.

Before she was a state senator, Bice was a partner in local boutique social media ad agency – Smirk New Media. Like any social media guru at the time, she also had a blog. She would do things like review Mediterranean buffets, write about themed Easter baskets, and come up with a list of 40 boring things she wanted to do by 40:

  1. Go to a Food & Wine Festival somewhere in the US
  2. Try the Absinthe service at Eat Local
  3. Go on a “Girls Only” trip.
  4. Take GFB to Peter Lugers Steakhouse  in NYC
  5.  Work a food truck
  6. Sit courtside at an OKC Thunder basketball game
  7. Have a lunchbox at Edna‘s and swirl at The Mont.
  8. Take a photography class
  9. Decorate my bedroom
  10. Paint something worthy of hanging on the wall
  11. Knit a scarf
  12. Make homemade pasta
  13. Buy a red dress
  14. Take the girls somewhere spontaneous
  15. Find a lipstick that doesn’t irritate my lips

She put try a Lunchbox at Edna’s on a bucket list? I think Kendra Horn puts that on her to-do list every time she visits OKC for the weekend. Here’s a photo of Stephanie’s first lunchbox:

By the way, don’t you think it’s weird that a social media expert would posts such a blurry photo on a blog? I think the photographer may have been on their fourth lunchbox.

Although I think Bice would be a tough opponent for Horn, I’m not sure she’ll make it through her own primary. I’ve heard everyone’s favorite firebrand Kevin Calvey is considering a run. He’s busy making a name for himself as a County Commissioner, and can easily rally the Derplahoman contingent of the Republican party. Or what if Bob Mills or Carol Hefner entered the race and ran as pro-Trump candidates with Presidential endorsements? That would be huge. Hell, maybe we can convince Kirk Humphreys to run just to see him embarrass himself. That would be fun to watch.

Anyway, I guess we’ll wait around and see who else enters the race and how this all shapes up. There’s only 558 days until the next election. We might as well get this stuff cranking.