Weekend News Recap

With everything going on around town, it was a busy weekend for everyone. Norman Music Fest looked like it was crazy, just about everybody in America was legally mandated to watch the new comic books movie, and there was some kind of event yesterday that shut all the roads down so people could run a lot, which sounds ridiculous because why go through all that work when you can just drive instead, am I right?

Memorial Marathon Highlights Feat. Emily Sutton

I wanna make a ‘don’t quit your day job’ joke, but as well as I can hear on the super low volume of audio on that video, she did a capable job. I would have like more vamping on that ‘rockets red glare’ line because it’s always funny, but she kept it straight-laced. While we’re talking about the marathon…

Congrats to Stephanie Andre! I’m impressed by anyone who can run a marathon in under six full years because that’s about how long it would take me, but her time of 2:45:07 is incredible.

Shoutout to Kent Ogle for bringing some dad rock to the marathon. If he has a band, please tell me because I would love to see his interpretation of Grammy award winning hit ‘Smooth’ by Santana feat. Rob Thomas.

Also, if anyone wants to give me their free shirt advocating for gubernatorial abuse, send that my way as well.

Big Week For Big Stitt

What can’t Stitt do? Not only did he run a marathon, but they let him ride in the big ol’ plane! I love that he thinks we live in the greatest state because Tinker AFB allowed him to go ‘vroom vroom!’ and pretend to fly. It’s like when Trump poses like he’s driving in parked semi-truck and it’s the only joy he’ll have all day. There’s a lot of parallels between those two fellas, but I would love to see the prez attempt a 5k.

ABLE Is A Bunch Of Narcs

C’mon, the guy was just making a lil’ whiskey, why go out and bust him? Yes, moonshine might make you go blind, but so can all the other good things in life. Also, if Oklahoma is going to truly embrace the shop local, farm-to-table movement, we gotta stand behind our local hoochmakers.

Steven’s Sports Beat

The Thunder were basically swept in the playoffs by a team they swept in the regular season. Now here comes the finger pointing and speculation as to who’s fault such a talented team played sooooo poorly in the postseason. Why not pick on the third most famous player on the court? Adams is so famous on the Lord of the Rings island he may get his face on a currency domination soon. I totally just made that up, but a friend of mine wore a Thunder tee on a trip there last summer and EVERYONE lost their minds about it because of number 12 and his god-like status. Why would the Thunder want to burn that market?

Orrrrr maybe, Coach Donovan should have looked at the Bruins job. Fair or not, when the franchise marquee player doesn’t have a vote of confidence in you it is all but over. The Thunder have a far greater investment in number zero than in the head coach. Maybe it’s not a good idea for a player to make as much as they do, but that’s not the current state of the NBA. The “FIRE BILLY” grumblings have been going on for years now, and he’s probably scapegoat number one in a lot of peoples eyes. He makes some questional calls and blowing a fairly big lead on the road doesn’t help. On top of the Thunder just looking flat the first two games, the fans can only do so much at home. This rumor might actually pick up steam. (-Steven)