8 Essential oil remedies for modern Oklahoma problems

From Edmond moms Facebooking their Doterra and Young Living schemes, to Sprouts and that one weird etsy shop that also peddles human teeth, it seems like everyone is selling essential oils nowadays. And the people who sell it always seem ready to remedy anything you can think of with their smell good stuff. Now we […]

OKC is the deadliest city for cyclists in America

In theory, Oklahoma City should be one of the most bikeable cities in the nation. It’s very flat, built on a simple grid system, and the weather is always fantastic. Okay, that last one was a lie, but still – what excuses do we have left as a city to just sit back and watch […]

Budget cuts turns springtime OU into sad dirtpile

I remember being a child and walking along the University of Oklahoma south oval during springtime. Red and white roses cascaded colors like an Alice in Wonderland portrait while the birds chirped a hymn. As late winter melted to spring, the groundskeepers at OU begun to plant their seasonal floral selection for students, faculty, and […]