Kevin Stitt blocks low-earning state employees from collecting overtime pay…

Once again, it looks like Kevin Stitt is taking this run a state like a business thing too seriously.

Yesterday, to the cheers and applause of greedy corporate executives from all over the world, he vetoed a a bipartisan bill that would have allowed state employees who earn less that $31,000 a year to collect overtime pay.

Here are the details via

Gov. Kevin Stitt on Tuesday vetoed a bipartisan bill that would have offered overtime pay to state employees making less than $31,000 annually…

House Bill 2465 would have required that employees making less than $31,000 receive overtime pay instead of compensation time for additional hours worked.

Sponsors Rep. Jason Dunnington, D-Oklahoma City, and Sen. Paul Rosino, R-Oklahoma City, sought to close a loophole in which state employees often receive compensation time for extra hours worked, but rarely have the chance to take it because of heavy workloads.

That sucks. When you make less than $31,000 a year, and are likely living paycheck to paycheck, overtime pay can make a huge difference in your quality of life. It can help you pay for luxuries like electricity, food and even running water. The only thing comp time does – if you’re able to use it – is let you go home early on a Friday so you can realize how broke you are.

Why did Stitt decide to be a cheap dick and veto the bill? Here’s you answer…

In striking the bill, Stitt called for a broader conversation on developing standardized pay policies for all state agencies…

“State employee pay and benefits, including overtime pay and compensation time, is critical to ensuring Oklahoma retains the best and brightest in state government. Unfortunately, there are not across-the-board policies for all state agencies and employees,” Stitt wrote in his veto letter.

That excuse is weaker than a degree from Oral Roberts!

I know I’m not a former mortgage banking CEO who was banned from doing business in multiple states, but I’m pretty sure you can close a loophole that cheats Oklahomans out of overtime pay while also having a broader conversation on developing standardized pay policies for all state agencies. In a business sense, that would be like saying you can’t evict a widow until you have a broader conversation about getting more people to apply for predatory mortgage loans. One doesn’t have to wait for the other.

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24 Responses

  1. I am also aware that DHS workers have to routinely be “on-call” 24 hours per day over some nights and weekends (rotating through various units) — they are “paid” with comp time only for the time that they are actually handling the calls and issues raised by the calls like finding homes for kids when their parents are busted for drugs — stuff like that is handled by these “volunteers”. No pay for being tied to a phone and unable to commit to any activities on evenings and weekend do to this. We can have fire fighters and such paid to wait for calls but not people taking care of the children.

  2. You rarely get to take your comp time.
    The result is;employees slipping out early or flat refusing to work late.
    If they hired an adequate number of employees then there would be no need for compensatory or overtime period.
    As usual though the Oklahoma budget is a wreck due pestilential wages for the proletariat and exorbitant tax moratoriums for uncle money bags.
    Wages are just the tip of the iceberg however,when your staff is under staffed and under equipped then the deficit comes at the cost of flesh and bone and broken families.
    Insurance costs rise exponentially further tapping scarce resources.
    But who cares really?
    As long as they have their faith,family and freedom,grandma will keep on voting the bootlickers into office. Screw ’em,they just poor white trash anyhow.

    1. Some day they’ll figure out the huge turnover is costing them more in lost productivity because they are constantly having to train new grunts, er uh, workers. Beyond the first level of supervisors (don’t ask how many there are), they are clueless.

      1. They know.. The state HR office at OMES estimated turnover costs at $137 million in FY2018. Much of that was voluntary due to low wages. Voluntary State agency employee turnover is 16 percent in FY2018.

        1. This^
          The real issue is that they *do* know, and won’t do anything to fix it in a healthy and sustainable way. Gekko capitalists at their finest…

  3. Companies that treat their employees with this type of overtime compensation are usually one step closer to closing their doors.

    We still have time.

    Let the Indians run this state.

  4. Perhaps he’s ‘auditioning for Mnuchin’s job in trump’s cabinet.

  5. I am aware that DHS workers work in a virtual “shit-hole” environment – out of control caseloads, poor pay for the high pressures to work faster and faster, clear more cases, beat downs for errors, interactions with irate clients, interactions with crazy people (internal and external to the agency), etc., etc.

    Child welfare workers have it worst, but so do TANF workers, food stamp workers, medical case workers, , child care workers, you name it, all their jobs are bad! Bad retention rates, low morale, crappy pay – it’s a wonder they can get anyone to work there.

  6. The Bill passed 37-3 (8 abstaining) in the Senate and 75-19 (8 abstaining).

    Appears the veto could be overridden, provided of course our legislative arm wanted to actually lead. The “broader conversation about standardized pay policies” sounds similar to the excuse the teachers received for a decade.

    I guess the plan is just to ignore the problem away.

    1. It sounds familiar to the study of workers’ salaries…which was quickly turned into a study of the department heads’ salaries….which was quickly turned into 5 figure raises for the department heads….and has never been turned into a study for the state workers’ salaries!
      STATE WORKERS haven’t had raises in a freaking decade. Teacher just received a raise.

  7. Maybe they should go on strike…they could use their compensatory time and not miss actual work. I am being sarcastic of course, but as long as this is a red state, they will never have that conversation.

    1. They have unions but they are completely powerless because of no-strike laws and some of the boots-on-the-ground people actually care about the poor clients.

      1. state workers do not have a union , they have an association . quite different.

  8. And of course he did it on May Day.

  9. Is this what a top 10 state does?

  10. Time to turn on Spell Check.

  11. The revolution is coming mother fuckers!!!

  12. Stitt is a religion-on-his-sleeve Christian. At least that’s the persona he presents to the public.

    I’m sure that most of us remember from Sunday school that Jesus closed the Beatitudes with instructions to set them aside until there could be a broader conversation about the societal ills of that era.

    Lower-paid state employees not being paid for all the hours they work? Even most of our GOP-dominated legislature isn’t ok with that. One has to wonder how much of Stitt’s fortune came from wages he stole from his employees in a similar way. Conducting a mortgage business in a manner that gets you banned in multiple states may not be Stitt’s only past bad behavior.

    This is another example of why I avoid doing business with anyone who puts that stylized fish in their ads. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. Caveat emptor.

  13. Funny how all you do is criticize ANY state employee in ANY Patrick article in the past…look at what you’ve become..this ain’t journalism bro

    1. Dude… leg humping is not a good look. Give it up.

  14. I see Stitt’s point. He doesn’t get overtime when he goes over 40 a week. $174,000 a year — take it or leave it.

  15. Correction: a lousy $147K a year.

    1. And he only spent $5 mill. of his own money to get it.

  16. Stop complaining you elected him. Its typical Repubs government .

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