OKC Metro Music Calendar: May

Welcome back to another edition of the monthly OKC Metro Music Calendar, where we highlight some of the best live music and concerts for you to check out over the next month!

The feature is brought to you by our friends at Play It Loud – a web documentary music series produced by Outsiders Productions that profiles Oklahoma musicians. If you’ve followed award-winning independent filmmaker Adam Hampton’s explorations of Oklahoma’s vibrant music scene, you’re familiar with the documentary’s eclectic lineup of the state’s rising artists and musicians. They just released the first episode of their third season, featuring local musician Samantha Crain.

You can watch that episode above, and when you’re done, check out this month’s curated list of local concerts to attend…

My Favorite Murder
Thursday, May 2
Civic Center Music Hall, OKC

So this first one isn’t necessarily a live music event, but if you’re like me, you spend more time these days listening to podcasts than your Spotify account. My Favorite Murder is one of the biggest podcasts right now, featuring comedian Karen Kilgariff (from Mr. Show) and Georgia Hardstock. They talk about some dark true crime stuff but with a comedic bent. “Stay sexy and don’t get murdered!”

The Beach Boys
Saturday, May 4
Civic Center Music Hall, OKC

Most famous for introducing surf rock to the world and also being on like every other Full House episode, The Beach Boys have been soothing us with their multi-part harmonies for more than 50(!) years now. Sure, the genius pop wizard Brian Wilson hasn’t really had a hand in the band for decades, but I hear his cousin Mike Love is doing great things. There’s also a 70-percent chance that John Stamos will make a cameo appearance, so why not?

Acid Mothers Temple
Sunday, May 5
Opolis, Norman

I think the best preface to Acid Mothers Temple is that it is impossible to find a video from them on YouTube under the half-hour mark. They take the glory years of late 60s/early 70s psychedelic rock and shred it into a million prismatic pieces. Just look at those dudes, and if you don’t want to see a band made out of old Japanese wizards, move on down the list, bud.

TV Girl
Monday, May 6
89th Street, OKC

Do you remember all that Anticon stuff from the 2000s, like Why? Or the French pop band, Air? I’m dating myself here perhaps, but TV Girl kinda picks up that mantle of breakbeats, with breezy and eclectic samples that are topped with layered honey-sweet vocal harmonies and introspective, confessional lyrics.

The Killers
Tuesday, May 7
The Zoo Amphitheatre, OKC

Mr. Brightside has been on the UK’s top 100 pop charts since it was released back in 2004. Why? Because it’s so damn catchy. This band from Reno, NV was one of those I was too cool for when they came out, and now whenever I hear one of their hits at a bar, I totally get the appeal. Relive those days of your bad MySpace haircut, and check out The Killers at The Zoo Amp.

MGMT | Warpaint
Wednesday, May 8
The Criterion, OKC

If you’ve been to a restaurant in the last decade or so, you have surely heard some of MGMT’s hits. They’re great, catchy fun. I’m hear to talk about Warpaint, though. The all-female indie rock act has this moody and ethereal vibe, driven by spooky guitars and breathy vocals. Basically what I’m saying is, don’t show up late to this one.

Collective Soul
Friday, May 10
Grand Casino, Shawnee


Grunge was such a huge moment for the music industry in the 90s that nobody even really knew what it was anymore, and anybody with a distortion pedal and a mean Eddie Vedder impression could get a major label contract. Collective Soul was kinda one of those bands, but they were so cleaned-up and goodie-goodie sounding that they were able to cross boundaries and reach the Top 40 audiences outside of the typical alt-rock crowd.



Darci Lynne
Sunday, May 12
Civic Center Music Hall, OKC

While she may have gotten bounced from the second round of Ogle Madness, Darci Lynne still gave a better performance than any of the last three year’s Thunder teams. She won America’s Got Talent, though, so I guess that’s a consolation prize. And had her own NBC Christmas special. Maybe she’ll win Ogle Madness next year, but until she reaches that level of success, check out the local ventriloquist phenom live, before she blows up.

Dwight Yoakam
Thursday, May 16
The Jones Assembly, OKC

In a place like Oklahoma that is awash with country music, iconic acts are a dime a dozen. But when a name like Dwight Yoakam comes into town, you take notice, because he’s a legend. His unique and milk-smooth voice, paired with the particular rocking brand of honky tonk he plays, makes for a sound that nobody can quite imitate.

The Lemonheads | Tommy Stinson | The Restless Age
Wednesday, May 29
Tower Theatre, OKC

Here we have two great power-pop titans from the 90s teaming up for what will surely be a banger of a show. The Lemonheads had a big hit with their cover of Mrs. Robinson, and Tommy Stinson was the bass player for The Replacements. I’m kinda mad at Tommy ever since he stood up Tom Scharpling when he was supposed to appear on The Best Show, but I can’t be too upset because he was in the friggin’ Replacements!

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