Harkins Theater celebrates Teacher Appreciation Day…sort of?

Tomorrow marks Teacher Appreciation Day – a celebration that legislators and educators scoff about in unison for different reasons.

While the state of Oklahoma might not be doing much for the Ogle Madness XII champions, Harkins Theaters has stepped to the plate…kind of.

Via KOCO.com:

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Day on Tuesday, May 7, Harkins invites educators to see any movie for $5 and receive a free small popcorn with ticket purchase at all locations.

Films include all new releases and all film formats, according to Harkins. Educators must show a valid school ID with ticket purchase.

First of all, I must applaud Harkins Theater for doing anything at all for educators. They could have followed the lead of former Governor Mary Fallin – a physical representation of what Dolores Umbridge would look like in America – and said that, “Teachers want more. But it’s kind of like a teenager wanting a better car.” So, kudos to not being despicable.

That being said, $5 and a free small popcorn? On a Tuesday? In Bricktown? Are we trying to honor teacher or punish them?

If Harkins wanted to be a huge helper, they could have made this deal for the weekend, the whole week, or even just Friday when it could be more opportune for teachers to come. Instead, Harkins chose one of the unsexiest, more grueling days of the week to promote this deal. It would be like a bartender saying, “Hey, I know finals week is coming and many of you haven’t studied. If you come to my bar on Monday afternoon, I’ll take a few bucks off each pitcher and half a hotdog.”