Cop sad he can’t bring his gun to Frontier City

Even though the powers that be at Ackerman McQueen, who helped facilitate the nation to become numb to weapons of death being normalized are now being disposed by the agency that they were responsible for promoting, guns maintain their grip upon our community.

Alongside of our new open-carry legislation, Oklahoma police have been on a spree of shooting innocent people. Lorenzo Clerkley Jr, a 14 year-old, was shot in March, three children were shot in April, and earlier this month, an unarmed teen was murdered by police in Edmond. It’s tough to trust police with guns, yet in February Kevin Stitt rolled out his gubernatorial career by signing off on a bill that basically lets anyone carry a gun anywhere they damn well please.

On top of all of that, of course there is a cop named Adam Flowers who is crying to the media that he couldn’t bring his gun into a local amusement park. From KFOR:

OKLAHOMA CITY – “I showed my credentials to the security… I told him that I’m a law enforcement officer and that I have a firearm on me, and they said ‘You can’t come in here with a firearm,'” said Captain Adam Flowers with the Canadian County Sheriff’s office.

Flowers is reacting to a moment he said he’s never experienced. He said security with Frontier City turned him away from the park.

“I wasn’t there to ride rides. I wasn’t there to play games. I was there as a chaperon for my family and for the school,” he said.

We all love the good family chaperon that refused to take us to the roller coaster park unless he could be carrying a lethal machine. This is a tradition that all of our families cherish and fawn over. Our normal parents would never have taken us to the old timey theme park unless they were able to carry a gun, because how else would they challenge the young men at the Wild-West Gunfighter Stunt Show?

Flowers said he was off duty and went to the park with his firearm concealed.

Flowers said, when he went through the metal detector, security told him he couldn’t go in. He said he had already purchased a ticket.

“They called another security guard over, and he said, ‘No, this is private property and you’re not welcome here’ and I turned around and left as my family and about 11,000 other kids went into Frontier City,” he said. “I was in shock that they didn’t want law enforcement in there watching out for 11,000 of their customers.”

Ease it down, chief. Do 11,000 people show up every single day to ride the Silver Bullet at Frontier City? That seems like a huge over-estimation.

Flowers, along with other members of law enforcement, are now questioning the company’s policy.

“When bad things happen… more times than not, it’s an off-duty officer that’s the first one there,” said Jerry Flowers, chief agent of the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture.

WOAH WOAH WOAH. Why is the Department of Agriculture being quoted for this story? Did I miss something and Kevin Stitt decided to merge them with state police? Or could it be that Jerry Flowers has a personal relationship with the cop Adam Flowers? Sounds like a coincidence. Maybe KFOR will talk to people that aren’t Adam Flowers dad or also fellow cops, let’s follow along:

“Why wouldn’t they want a more permissive policy for law enforcement when you’ve got trained professionals that are there?” said Canadian County Sheriff Chris West.

Frontier City told News 4:

“Six Flags works hand in hand with law enforcement to ensure the safety and well-being of our guests and team members. We hire hundreds of police officers in cities across the country. As stated on our website and in-park signage, guests may not bring firearms into the park(s). The policy—which is standard for theme parks and many public venues—applies to all guests, including police officers on personal time and is in compliance with Oklahoma state law.”

Staff said they have the policy, first, to ensure no one is riding rides with a firearm and, two, because there’s no clear way to tell who is an off-duty police officer and who isn’t. They told us they have an armed police officer on staff and at the park at all times.

Frontier City is private property and already screens for firearms. What is a Paul Blart with a 9mm going to do if the shit goes down next to the Wildcat? It’s the park’s right to not allow guns inside their property, and that includes vigilante cops who are off the clock. Conservative police state people want limited government until it impedes upon their rights to be menacing.

If anything, this should be the one time these guys can let loose. Maybe instead of worrying about looking out for perps on his day off, this dude could enjoy some rock candy and go on the log flume and just enjoy himself. Keep the heater at home, relax, and stop worrying about policing everyone else.

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86 Responses

  1. People who feel insecure without their guns have ZERO Second Amendment rights on private property. Not even if they happen to be off-duty cops.

    Cry me a river, Captain Flowers. Then lock your gun in your car in the parking lot and quit whining.

    1. +1000

  2. I’ve lived in this town a very long time and I don’t recall any shit ever going down at FC.

    1. This. The only thing I can recall is a tornado 20 years ago and the Silver Bullet getting stuck a few times. In either case, a gun isn’t helpful.

      1. Well don’t you know? Flowers could have shot that tornado dead.

    2. Obviously you were never down with the Rhythm Pit on Saturday nights with Ronny Rocket.

      1. Now that’s funny.

  3. I would think that someone so easily “shocked” should not be carrying around a handgun.

  4. Went to frontier city once a long time ago. Was very unimpressed me and my son have’nt returned.

    1. I’ve driven by FC several times.
      Coincidentally, I also named my first-born “Frontier City”.

    2. Off topic much?

  5. Hmmmmm, maybe the Lost Ogle shouldn’t tease that guy.

    1. Im guessing Mr. Flowers is the one who contacted KFOR with the story the first place. Obviously, he wants the attention.

      1. Well if Jerry Flowers is his father.. then definitely. Never in my life met such a glory hog as Jerry Flowers.

  6. The bigger the gun the smaller the dick.

    1. +1000

  7. So its not just police that are being militarized. Remember this one:

    Not sure why Insurance Department needs “high-tech shotguns” to chase down that insurance agent who is selling insurance without a license.

  8. I used to be a cop. Years ago, I went to FC with a shirt that said ‘Police’. Just a shirt. No weapon. FC made me turn my shirt inside out bc they already have their own security, and they didn’t want patrons to get confused. I’m still dumbfounded.

    I agree that no weapons should stay no weapons, and I agree that on-duty police officers can quickly get to FC, if ever needed; but c’mon. I just had on a shirt. IMO I think FC can take their policy a little too far at times.

    1. Yeah, man, you should have been allowed to wear that shirt! It gives you so much authority, just like the ones they sell at Old Paris that say Police, FBI or . You just wanted everyone to know that you’re a cop. You’re no different that Shootie McFlowers here. Gotta let everyone know that you demand respect, jackboot.

      1. You may be right. It did happen earlier in my career. However, I wouldn’t say I was looking for respect. I was proud of my accomplishments. That, I wanted to show off. Respect. You got to earn before you get, strings.

        1. What a thoughtful, reasoned, polite reply to an ad hominem attack. How did you get in here?

          1. Yeah, I was surprised by that too.

          2. Thank you, sir. Maybe to stay here I should change the way I reply to those type of posts? I used to be really good at it. Then I grew up.

          3. Hmm. Below response was meant to be here. Maybe I should find my way out of here before I look like the fool. lol

            Thank you, sir. Maybe to stay here I should change the way I reply to those type of posts? I used to be really good at it. Then I grew up.

            1. Ok. I give up. 😂😂😂😂

            2. Naw. You did good. Still would’t try wearing that shirt to FC.

      2. I think I saw a shirt at old Paris that read


        1. Nice

      3. We called those kinds of shirts “Shoot me first, I’m a cop.” and we weren’t allowed to wear them when off duty. License plates are considered the same way.

        1. I received the same instruction later in my career—after 9/11. My FC incident was 20 years ago.

    2. The security guard’s action is not as crazy as it first appears. Security knows the layout of the park, where emergency centers like first aid stations are located, who to call when certain situations peculiar to the park environment arise, etc. Like too many cooks ruining the soup, the reasoning for the turning the shirt inside out could be that people in an emergency situation might go seek the help of a well-intentioned but ill-informed person they think is the police instead of the security guard.

      1. That’s a really good point. I had forgotten all about it until I read this post. Cops are trained to be “on-duty” 24 hours a day. There really isn’t an off-duty. On-shift and off-shift, yes. But you are correct. There are many emergencies where a police officer is not needed. And FC staff have done an amazing job of “keeping the peace” without outside interference. They must be onto something! haha

    3. I am not sure why you are surprised. Patrons could be confused in a security situation when non security folks are misidentified (like you) with actual park security. Confusion that could lead to break of chain of command and continuity.

      I would think a responsible and trained LEO would understand.

      1. Not all cops are responsible and trained. I think a lot of it comes through ojt and life experiences. I know that early in my career I was still learning. Trained enough to carry a firearm, most definitely. But I’m sure like most older people who look back on their lives, there are many things I wish I could change.

  9. So, he’s there as a chaperone for his family, school, and 11,000 kids, but without his gun he just turns around and leaves…… Apparently he must be totally useless without his gun, probably a good decision.

  10. Yes, that poor innocent teen who was “murdered” by police. He had just beaten a teen girl, broke into an occupied home, and assaulted the officers after being tased multiple times. Poor little guy.
    I’m sure he was a “good kid”.

    1. I’m no attorney, but none of those things require the death penalty. Especially without a trial.

    2. Murdering an evil person is still murder.

      1. But, in my imagination, very satisfying in one or two cases,….

        1. The OKC pharmacist who emptied his pistol into an incapacitated robber no doubt felt the same way. Satisfied.

          Wonder if he still feels that way.

          1. Given the chance, I would have emptied my gun into good ol’ Timmie Mc V in a heartbeat and thought it was a good day’s work, but yeah, you want to compare me to that pharmacist asshole, go right ahead.

            1. Graychin, you are probably an all around better person than I am, and so you have probably never fantasized about punching some dickhead, or cheating on your mate with your favorite celeb – anything like that. Good on you. I’m just a normal stupid guy whose head is constantly churning.
              Just remember what I said – “in my imagination”. That rhetorical trick of pairing someone with some particularly nasty famous person is kind of a cheap one. I’m reminded of once being called Hitler because of a disagreement about a piece of art.
              I don’t carry a gun, and I live in a neighborhood that many people in this state would find uncomfortable at best. Seven or eight times a day people come walking or riding bikes down my block that perhaps in the place where you live would initiate immediate calls to the police. People who do live in secure neighborhoods are able do so, whether they acknowledge it or not, because there is a system of potential deadly force that supports their lifestyles there. If they don’t have to think about it, if they don’t ever have a moment of fantasizing about blowing up the fucking meth house that’s been operating two blocks away from them for years, with its flocks of little shit heads spreading out through the neighborhood stealing whatever they can, shooting up in front of their house – well, then, they can consider themselves lucky.
              I don’t shoot people, don’t want to shoot people. In all my years here, I have only had my pistol out once, to stop a burglary at my neighbor’s house, and I didn’t even hold the guys for the police – just made them give me their shoes, so they would remember the incident.
              The imagination, my imagination, maybe I should say, is an unruly place. That doesn’t make me kin to someone who goes and and gets another gun to pump an already incapacitated kid full of holes.

            2. You should maybe see a therapist about that “head churning” issue you have.

      2. Yeah, you try telling the terrified home owner, “we tried tasing him twice and he just badly injured my partner. Since we can’t use our guns, we are just going to let him run around your house until we get backup. Don’t worry, there’s a chance he might not even kill you”.

    3. The kid was naked, so obviously he had no weapon. There were two cops. How could there be any justification for shooting him?

      And your comment was just a troll with little to do with this.

      1. You obviously have never or even known anyone who tried to deal with some drugged up lunatic. Just because there were two cops doesn’t mean they could restrain him. He was being violent in someone’s home. I’m sure if it was your home, you would tell the cops to just let him go until more backup arrived.

  11. I wish they would allow auto mechanics visting the park to carry their grease guns, then maybe the Silver Bullet wouldn’t get stuck on the tracks every 5 months.

    1. Drop the mic !!!

    2. Bwahahahaha

    3. We have a winner folks! Bahahaha!

  12. I agree that F.C. or any property owner should have the right to deny anyone admittance for any reason, especially for carrying a gun. All common sense went out the window when open carry w/o any kind of license was passed. I think our dimwitted reps are trying to out conservative each other. But, to be fair, the examples you gave were very misleading. Each one of them were doing something illegal and weren’t close to a clear cut illegal or immoral shooting. Don’t to stupid stuff and it will cut your chances of being shot by police 99.9%. A kid running around naked, breaking into houses, on drugs. Now that 17 yr old has a chance of being shot by police or a homeowner.

    1. Yes but people have 5th Amendment rights to due process as well as 2nd Amendment rights ya know? So we can’t just have cops running around killing people for “doing something illegal” without any sort of process.

      That is all.

    2. You might be old but you are nowhere near wise. The 14 year old was playing in his backyard with a bb gun and had less th a 2 seconds to comply before he was shot. The 3 children who were shot were doing nothing illegal, their father was. The 17 year old was asking for help. It’s funny that Edmond police can arrest someone alive who just killed both of his parents but had to kill a naked unarmed teenager.

    3. The kid was naked; therefore, he had no weapon. Two cops weren’t in danger for their lives.

      1. He put one in the hospital with no weapon. Also was running wild in some poor guys home. Yep, just let him do as he pleases.

    4. Actually the new law levels the playing field among the rich and poor. Should a single mother, who works 2 jobs, have any less right to defend herself than someone with a 6 figure income? Use some common sense before making statements that you, obviously, have very little information on

  13. Well written.
    I think he was also one of those 2d amenders who are testing zoos and parks for the publicity.

  14. Let’s put the statistics of people shot outside Frontier City while under protection of armed 2nd Amendment junkies and police and compare it to the number of people shot inside Frontier City while under the protection of private security . My guess is you’re safer riding the Wild Cat than riding a city bus.

  15. Canadian country deputy……Why am I not surprised? Wonder why he isn’t on I-40 looking for out of state tags or changing lanes without a signal…..

  16. This is typical of a sheltered, uneducated, and largely ignorant local boy that found his safe place in society and is now acting out because the adults in the house took his favorite toy away. Flowers spent a few hours in CLEET training and has been on a few calls and now thinks he special. He sounds like a snowflake to me.

  17. All you pansy ass snowflake people. In this crazy world we live in now that is the product of thinking just like this, our society is going down fast. I can 100% guarantee that God forbid should something ever happen at Frontier City or any other place where large crowds of people are gathered, you would be BEGGING for heroes such as this to step up and take action!

    1. Violent crime rates have been sharply dropping since the 90’s. Easily excitable people just don’t know it because 24 hours news cycles prioritize it. We’re far safer now than we used to be, and you snowflakes who think it’s because you carry hunting rifles on your back at Walmart are delusional.

    2. Hero?

      Assumes facts not in evidence. I guy who feels uncomfortable without his gun is an unlikely hero.

  18. Its private property they can do as they wish. As far as all you that cry about people having a gun on them who cares, i carry concealed all the time as do many others. If someone wanted to harm others at fc it wouldnt be that hard weapon or not. It seems there are alot of crybaby pussies who think a gun is such a horrible thing, get over yourself people are going to be armed whether you like it or not.

    1. Ooh, you’re tough.

    2. What’s it like to be so soft and weak? I’ve never needed a gun to settle a dispute and my guess is that you haven’t either.

  19. If you have a badge in Oklahoma you get a gun. In Oklahoma our officials believe all government employees need guns to protect them selves from citizens. We are a dangerous group. Every street cleaner or city truck driver needs a gun in OKC>

  20. Awfully big leap there by declaring that all these people were innocent. Every situation is different.

    1. Not really, Were they given a speedy trial and found guilty by a jury of their peers?
      Well that’s the definition of being innocent innit?

      1. So what are the police supposed to do when a large naked guy is in someone’s house uninvited? If the vocal commands don’t work, the tasers don’t work, what is the responding set of officer(s) supposed to do? I would honestly like to know from the obviously more knowledgeable amongst us.

        1. Is ‘kill that person’ your response?

          1. I asked what the solution is, it’s obvious everyone including the writer knows exactly what do. Please share your wisdom.

        2. If the person is not an immediate threat to someone’s life, the cop(s) should have waited for more help. If two couldn’t subdue someone, maybe 3 or 4 could. A good cop should always try to deescalate the situation, if possible. Or maybe just grab him by the balls and squeeze until he taps out? A naked guy without a weapon isn’t a threat to someone else’s life if nobody is around him. I would say keep your distance from him until there are enough people to subdue him. Out of the many options to choose from, shooting is NOT one of them.

          1. Wrong, shooting is an option that has been given to the police officer.

            It should not be the first option, it should be the last option, but I imagine the training is to get control over the situation as quickly as possible, that includes incapacitating the suspect with deadly force.

            Laws and policy followed by law enforcement now allow for such actions to be given leeway, so while we complain that the officer overreacted, it was still legal.

            Naked guy and kid with a bb gun put themselves in a precarious position and unfortunately suffered the most serious consequences.
            Police can legally kill you, its up to us as citizens to remember that,respect that or to change the rule of law.

        3. Pepper spray, tackle and handcuff him?

          Surround the house and wait for whatever he is on to wear off?

          Throw a net over him?

          Anything short of appointing themselves judge, jury and executioner right there on the spot.

  21. At least he dressed up like a cowboy.

  22. Great job KFOR for reporting a non news event to stir up controversy and generate ratings, not to mention more Rants for FrankenOgle. This Flowers guy seems like a feller who is used to doing what he wants and getting praised for his bravery by the other good ol boys and girls. He wears a bigass hat indoors for crying out loud!

  23. If this in fact is Jerry Flowers son it should come as a surprise to nobody that he is glory hogging just like his father, the apple didn’t fall to far from the tree. A better point can be made that as an officer of the law it should come as no surprise that a private business has the right to refuse business to anyone they so choose- thank cake bakers for this clarification. As an officer of the law you should probably maybe know the law regarding those rights. Also, if you want to be a respected law enforcement officer try not be such a crybaby that ruins a family outing bc you do not posses enough wit and intelligence to feel safe without your gun.. at a fun park.. 10 gallon hat for a half gallon of brains.


    [hold rifle in one hand, penis in the other]

    This is my rifle
    This is my gun
    This one’s for shooting
    This one’s for fun, assuming such a thing is even remotely possible at Frontier City

    1. Not exclusively a Marine witticism. I heard it from the cadre in Army basic training during the Vietnam era. Ain’t that just like the Marines to take credit for everything? 🙂

      Kinda like I heard that racist OU fraternity song “There will never be a (N-word) (insert fraternity name here). I had heard that exact same thing decades earlier from a recently-graduated OSU ΣN fratboy.

      So it was far from an original creation of the banned ΣAE fraternity at OU. They were merely the ones first stupid enough to sing it on video.

      There is nothing new under the sun.

      1. And the first part of that “nothing new under the sun” quote from Ecclesiastes:
        “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again.”
        Which is true when you’re talking human nature and racism and shit – not so true when you’re talking Greenland ice sheets, rainforests and coral reefs. They’re fucked, and they won’t be getting unfucked, enabling us to fuck them all over again, in any kind of time scale we can wrap our minds around.
        Not everything is circular. There is an end to some things. Look around.
        Here it comes.

        1. Humans have fucked up the environment that sustains them many times before in history.

          Just not on the scale of the present crisis.

  25. Start a go fund me for video footage of when he was being told he couldn’t bring the gun in. You know that was a shit fit extraordinaire. Talk about entitled!
    Then he and his daddy gonna take to the tv thinking they’ll hurt FC’s business cause he didn’t get his way. What a bunch of snowflakes.

  26. This moron needs no big gun for attention…just keep wearing that big stupid “cowboy hat”, that should garner all the laughs he’s looking for!

  27. Reminds of what a coworker told me once. His parents and an inlaw who was a cop, and every family gathering big or small he would show up in full uniform and boss everyone around. Where to sit, what to do. Everyone hated him but some how he would always find out about the gatherings and show up uninvited. I guess it was for “safety” but sounds just like some of the cops I’ve known.

    1. Ooops, parents HAD an inlaw. Damn autocorrect.

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