Cop sad he can’t bring his gun to Frontier City

Even though the powers that be at Ackerman McQueen, who helped facilitate the nation to become numb to weapons of death being normalized are now being disposed by the agency that they were responsible for promoting, guns maintain their grip upon our community.

Alongside of our new open-carry legislation, Oklahoma police have been on a spree of shooting innocent people. Lorenzo Clerkley Jr, a 14 year-old, was shot in March, three children were shot in April, and earlier this month, an unarmed teen was murdered by police in Edmond. It’s tough to trust police with guns, yet in February Kevin Stitt rolled out his gubernatorial career by signing off on a bill that basically lets anyone carry a gun anywhere they damn well please.

On top of all of that, of course there is a cop named Adam Flowers who is crying to the media that he couldn’t bring his gun into a local amusement park. From KFOR:

OKLAHOMA CITY – “I showed my credentials to the security… I told him that I’m a law enforcement officer and that I have a firearm on me, and they said ‘You can’t come in here with a firearm,'” said Captain Adam Flowers with the Canadian County Sheriff’s office.

Flowers is reacting to a moment he said he’s never experienced. He said security with Frontier City turned him away from the park.

“I wasn’t there to ride rides. I wasn’t there to play games. I was there as a chaperon for my family and for the school,” he said.

We all love the good family chaperon that refused to take us to the roller coaster park unless he could be carrying a lethal machine. This is a tradition that all of our families cherish and fawn over. Our normal parents would never have taken us to the old timey theme park unless they were able to carry a gun, because how else would they challenge the young men at the Wild-West Gunfighter Stunt Show?

Flowers said he was off duty and went to the park with his firearm concealed.

Flowers said, when he went through the metal detector, security told him he couldn’t go in. He said he had already purchased a ticket.

“They called another security guard over, and he said, ‘No, this is private property and you’re not welcome here’ and I turned around and left as my family and about 11,000 other kids went into Frontier City,” he said. “I was in shock that they didn’t want law enforcement in there watching out for 11,000 of their customers.”

Ease it down, chief. Do 11,000 people show up every single day to ride the Silver Bullet at Frontier City? That seems like a huge over-estimation.

Flowers, along with other members of law enforcement, are now questioning the company’s policy.

“When bad things happen… more times than not, it’s an off-duty officer that’s the first one there,” said Jerry Flowers, chief agent of the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture.

WOAH WOAH WOAH. Why is the Department of Agriculture being quoted for this story? Did I miss something and Kevin Stitt decided to merge them with state police? Or could it be that Jerry Flowers has a personal relationship with the cop Adam Flowers? Sounds like a coincidence. Maybe KFOR will talk to people that aren’t Adam Flowers dad or also fellow cops, let’s follow along:

“Why wouldn’t they want a more permissive policy for law enforcement when you’ve got trained professionals that are there?” said Canadian County Sheriff Chris West.

Frontier City told News 4:

“Six Flags works hand in hand with law enforcement to ensure the safety and well-being of our guests and team members. We hire hundreds of police officers in cities across the country. As stated on our website and in-park signage, guests may not bring firearms into the park(s). The policy—which is standard for theme parks and many public venues—applies to all guests, including police officers on personal time and is in compliance with Oklahoma state law.”

Staff said they have the policy, first, to ensure no one is riding rides with a firearm and, two, because there’s no clear way to tell who is an off-duty police officer and who isn’t. They told us they have an armed police officer on staff and at the park at all times.

Frontier City is private property and already screens for firearms. What is a Paul Blart with a 9mm going to do if the shit goes down next to the Wildcat? It’s the park’s right to not allow guns inside their property, and that includes vigilante cops who are off the clock. Conservative police state people want limited government until it impedes upon their rights to be menacing.

If anything, this should be the one time these guys can let loose. Maybe instead of worrying about looking out for perps on his day off, this dude could enjoy some rock candy and go on the log flume and just enjoy himself. Keep the heater at home, relax, and stop worrying about policing everyone else.