OU to honor 110 nerds at graduation

Many students from the University of Oklahoma will amble across a stage, shake people’s hands that they don’t know, and receive an expensive diploma tomorrow afternoon. This achievement is not something that’s easily forgotten – the accruing student debt which will be knocking at the door soon won’t let you forget.

Yet among the students graduating are 110 hard-working people that will no doubt rub their extra accomplishments in the faces of those simply trying to get out of the system.

Via OU Daily:

OU will honor 110 2019 graduates this weekend who are graduating with perfect GPAs.

Fifty of the students are Oklahomans, two are international students and the rest are out-of-state students, all of whom will participate in the commencement ceremony on May 10, according to an OU Info email. The students will be given bronze medallions on crimson ribbons to wear during the ceremony.

Congratulations, nerds.

While you were finely tuning your GPA into an academic weapon, the rest of us were waiting bedside with our score wondering if the university was going to take it off life support.

The issue I have with people having exemplary GPA’s is that they typically fall into two categories: consistently smug or annoyingly humble.

I understand this doesn’t give people much wiggle room so I propose that educators eliminate the concept of GPA. And yes, I say this knowing that my GPA is on the edge of 3.0. I stand by the rest of the normies in college that aren’t trying to excel- they’re attempting to survive.

Joking aside, congratulations to the class of 2019. You deserve any and all celebration you have planned. What you have now at your disposal is the experience and knowledge to kick life in the ass and make it your own. Don’t waste it.

He’s not graduating until the Spring of 2020 but he’ll still drink for the idea of it. Follow Brandon on Twitter @notshabbywriter