Stephanie Bice modernizes Oklahoma’s venereal disease laws…

After sailing through the Oklahoma House and Senate like an HPV infection in Valley Brook, the Oklahoma legislature sent SB 220 to Governor Kevin Stitt yesterday afternoon. Authored by State Senator Stephanie Bice, it will “modernize” how physicians report new cases of sexually transmitted diseases to the health department.

Here’s the full bill that was sent to the governor:

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”SB220 INT”]

When you consider a good chunk of sexually transmitted diseases are spread under the influence of alcohol, I guess it makes sense that the State Senator who “modernized” Oklahoma’s alcohol laws is also modernizing our state’s venereal disease laws.

Seriously, kudos to Stephanie for showing the courage to get this bipartisan legislation passed. Generally, the only time Republican lawmakers will even only touch the topic of venereal disease is when they’re in a southside hotel room with a teenage male prostitute. Getting them to vote yes on this bill and not tie any draconian abortion restriction amendments to the bill is a big accomplishment.

That being said, if we’re truly going to modernize our state’s venereal disease laws, shouldn’t the state stop using the outdated term, “venereal disease?” The World Health Organization stopped using it in the 1990s and we should, too. If not, I’d suggest doctors use terms like The Clap, Crotch Crickets and Junk Funk, when emailing the health department about new diagnoses.

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13 Responses

  1. I went and saw The Clap,Crotch Crickets and Junk Funk at the Zoo Amp back in the 80s!

  2. How were such reports handled previously? Carrier pigeon?

  3. Are we not concerned about doctor patient confidentiality here?
    Why does the state need to know every person who gets the clap?

    1. Communicable diseases are reported to the Oklahoma State Board of Health so as to identify trends in infections and aid in detection and prevention of widespread outbreaks. There is a specific list of diseases that are required to be reported, as well as the manner and time frame in which they must be reported. Not all STI’s are required to be reported. It’s critical that diseases like rabies, measles, meningitis, e. coli and hepatitis be reported so that appropriate actions can be taken to protect the public at large. The infections are tracked through a secure network, accessible by authorized individuals only. Privacy is respected, but it has been determined that the greater public good outweighs the individual’s right, in the case of communicable disease.

      1. This is a helpful answer. Well done, Sir!

  4. Alcohol and V.D. Shouldn’t it be Stephanie Vice?

  5. She thinks STD is what you add to your car engine.

  6. She’s my district Senator, I’ve written her on several occasions asking her to support Medicaid expansion and Obamacare. Despite the Okla healthcare crisis, she’s provided nothing but typical republican excuses. At least she has replied upon occasion, unlike my Rep, Martinez, who never seems to reply.
    At a recent political rally, one of the speakers said that 5-7000 Oklahomans have died due to lack of health insurance since Obamacare was enacted. I have no reason to doubt that.

  7. And we all know that is our number one priority…what’s a bunch of idiots.

  8. Good on her for a bill that Wal-Mart’s lobbyists, specifically McSpadden, wrote for her. I look forward to voting against her in the Republican primary for Horn’s district.


    What Senator Bice isn’t telling you.

  10. Patrick is automatic against any Republican issue, even if it means spreading v.d…that’s called commitment kids..learn from it.

    1. It appears the stereotype of republicans being allergic to logic was exhibited quite nicely by your comment. Kudos.

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