Weekend Radar

Your most trusted-trusted source  for  all-things Oklahoma City is back with its weekly feature, TLO  Weekend Radar, highlighting a few of the most promising happenings in the metro.

This week we are celebrating people who have moms, are moms and/or know moms.

Darci Lynne & Friends: Fresh Out of the Box
Civic Center Music Hall
May 12 | 3 p.m.

The native-born Oklahoman is returning to her home turf and bringing her creepy dolls with her. This kid impressed NBC’s target audience enough to vote her impressive ability to play with dolls to victory on America’s Got Talent. Thoughts on ventriloquism aside, she was just 12 at the time. Think about it: She has a more successful career as a teenager than most of us will enjoy as full-grown adults. While our natural inclination is to laugh at the silly girl with the puppets and voices, she’s still charging up to $55 a ticket. We can tease all we want; she is gonna come out the victor.

Mother’s Day Sampler

In case some of you forgot, Mother’s Day is this Sunday. Whether you wish to appreciate your own mom; your wife who mothers your offspring well; or you have spawned a brood of your own and demand tribute, there are plenty of opportunities to revel in the “Yay Mom!” celebration. Here’s a quick list of some of our favorites:

Curbside Flowers from Curbside Chronicle
May 10, 11 & 12

Flowers for mom are a pretty standard offering. If you are going to buy dead, pretty plants to show how much you appreciate your mom for putting up with your shit, might as well do a two-fer. The Curbside Chronicle vendors will be out with lovely bouquets of flowers. 100% of the proceeds go to help support folks coping with and recovering from homelessness.

Dessert Cruise on the Oklahoma River
May 12 | 1 p.m. & 4 p.m.

If your mom is the kind who routinely hides in the pantry to get one damn second of privacy, treat her to a momentary escape with champagne, mimosas and desserts on a big ass boat.

Art & Brews: Vanessa House Beers
May 12 | 3 – 4:30 p.m.

If your mom is the artsy, Pinterest-loving type and likes beer, Vanessa Brew House is offering a free beer and paper marbling this weekend, hosted by local art fave and poet Kerri Shadid.

Mothers Raft Free at OKC Riversports
May 12

If your mom is an adventurer — or you really like to stress her out for fun — buy an OKC Riversports day-pass on Sunday and mom gets hers for free. Mom also gets her entrée free at Big Water Grill and gets a free photo download to commemorate the the occasion. Nothing says, ‘we celebrate moms’ like communal, near-drownings.

Mother’s Day Buffet at the The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum
May 12 | 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

If your mom is the one who cooks up a storm, take her to a full spread situation and give her the day off from kitchen duty. This Cowboy Hall of Fame affair may be your one chance to treat mom to the famous Petroleum Club buffet, without being an actual, card-carrying Okie Oil Overlord.