6 Booze Pairings for Your Oklahoma Weather Forecast

Even though the average Oklahoman is more likely to take the rumor of a Bigfoot sighting more seriously than we do a tornado warning, we all have our meteorologist we prefer to tune into for the daily forecast. I thought that since we have to tune into the weather anyway, we might as well make […]

Lawmakers push for cellphone jammers in overcrowded prisons

As we’ve documented in the past, Oklahoma has the world’s highest incarceration rate. One positive outcome from this is Oklahoma is now home to a booming prison contraband blackmarket, providing jobs and opportunity to anyone who lives inside, or within a drone flight, of any of Oklahoma’s private prisons. Just like in real life, one of the hottest black […]

Cal’s Corner: Senate Leader Trashes Tradition to Defy Sen. Hicks

Ah, to be a senator today in Oklahoma, especially of the Republican brand. They total 39 — all powerful members of a cozy, conservative club chosen by the proletariat to make policy decisions both large and small; to also write a multi-billion dollar annual budget; and, among other things, to carefully consider the qualifications of […]

OU to allow expensive beer sales at football games!

In case you missed it, some massive University of Oklahoma-related news dropped over the weekend – they’re going to sell expensive, overpriced beer to the common folk at OU football games!!! Yes, that’s true. After years of restricting alcohol sales to wealthy donors, corporate minions and noble families of the Oklahoma Ruling Class, the OU Board of Regents approved […]

Weekend News Recap

There was that one time when Oklahoma dried out so much that Mary Fallin called for the citizenship to pray for rain. Remember that? It’s a real thing that happened. Now that Kevin Stitt has taken over, it appears god is listening and letting it rip all over the state, resulting in a massive and […]