Hot Mic Catches OK Lawmakers Having Bizarre Chat About Sexual Misconduct Investigation…

Thanks to a tip via the Ogle Mole Network, we have learned that a hot mic from today’s big budget press conference with Governor Stitt caught two Oklahoma lawmakers – Mark McBride and Scott Fetgatter – having a strange discussion about a sexual misconduct investigation being conducted at the capitol.

It’s hard to judge if the guys are being honest, half-way serious or entirely joking about the whole thing. For example, the conversation begins with McBride asking Fetgatter…

“You molested this girl after Kannady did?”

Fetgatter’s response was…

“No, I was at the table and I allowed it.”

From there, the slightly-audible conversation, which was caught via News 9’s live Facebook stream, continues down a strange wormhole of either serious or false admissions in the case. Check it out below. The conversation starts at about the 3:50-second mark:

Whether it’s a donkey or goat, we’ll have more on this story as it develops.

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8 Responses

  1. I see different shades of hair color but that’s about it.

    Oh yeah, the mumbling Q&A was probably authentic, too. I’d have to look at it on a bigger screen or something to see if they were clowning around, which would still be an act of minimizing a serious allegation.


    1. listen closely you can hear exactly what those nimrods say

  2. We have some real winners leading this state…

  3. The dream of every Oklahoma legislator: a stump-broke mule.

    1. That’s how these idiots get elected…they own a stump-broke mule they pass around to all their constituents…free mule sex always appeals to these right wing criminals!!

  4. In a state where you can be blind and legally carry a gun there’s not just a whole lot that surprises me anymore. Elect clowns, get a circus.

  5. will the legislators think it’s funny when a federal grand jury investigates ?

  6. We have to be one of the most idiotic states in the Union with these ass clowns serving up what passes for legislation. We get the government we deserve.

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