10 potential replacements for OU President Jim Gallogly…

I hope you saved your limited-edition Jim Gallogly buttons! They’re now valuable souvenirs for collectors of irony. As I’m sure you heard by now, University of Oklahoma president and Mike Pence cosplayer Jim Gallogly announced on Sunday night that he will be retiring from OU, once plans for his successor are in place. I guess destroying David […]

Del City Teacher Shows Epic Takedown Skills in Student Prank Gone Awry

A Del City High School student found out the hard way that teachers watch WorldStarHipHop, too. What started as a silly senior prank involving silly string and a mask went a little sideways earlier this week. From a Steve Shaw report on News 9: A Del City High School teacher is shown on a Snapchat video […]

Attorney Hand-Delivers Poop-Stained Check To OK Bar Association…

Unless they’re a friend or represented us in court, I’d say that most attorneys are awful, shitty people. I guess that explains why so many of them religiously read this website, and why others like local criminal defense attorney Mark Bailey (pictured above) use shit-stained checks to pay refunds to the Oklahoma Bar Association. Via KFOR.com:

TLO Restaurant Review: Ruby’s Restaurant

I’ve painted up my lips and rolled and curled my tinted hair; there’s no contemplating it, I am going somewhere…to Ruby’s Restaurant, 1737 S. Green Street, in Purcell. As I’ve steadily learned over the past few years, to get that true “blue plate special” diner taste, usually you’ve got to exit the city and all […]