Del City Teacher Shows Epic Takedown Skills in Student Prank Gone Awry

A Del City High School student found out the hard way that teachers watch WorldStarHipHop, too.

What started as a silly senior prank involving silly string and a mask went a little sideways earlier this week.

From a Steve Shaw report on News 9:

A Del City High School teacher is shown on a Snapchat video taking a student down to the floor of his classroom. But the Mid-Del School District says it was the student who was in the wrong.

A Del City High School parent, who shared the video clip with News 9 Monday, says the students involved were participating in a harmless senior prank. She said the student in the video wore a mask into the classroom and sprayed the teacher with silly string.

“If the teacher didn’t know this was happening, still I think he could have had a different recourse,” the parent said.

Obviously, News 9 aired footage from the Snap Chat video. Check it out: – Oklahoma City, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports |

I can see mom’s point of view, but the sad, harsh truth is that any “attack”, joke or otherwise, is bound to put a few folks on edge. Clearly. Schools have had to create plans to protect students from what was once unthinkable. It is perfectly reasonable to assume a teacher might react negatively to his classroom being invaded by a masked person with a can of silly string string…

The Mid-Del School District released a statement that reads in part, “An individual wearing a mask and not wearing a school identification badge attempted to gain entry to a classroom full of students. We take all threats seriously.”

The district has said the student will be punished, but isn’t mom going on the news and showing video of you get your ass kicked by a teacher punishment enough? A Snapchat that I’m sure that senior would prefer never see the light of day is now plastered across the internets. A man at least twice his age put a knee to his thigh and jiu jitsued him to the floor. With public shaming being a particularly effective form of social justice, the point has probably been made to that student: Pranks almost never work. Do a dumb, receive a close and personal education as to what the floor smells like.

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27 Responses

  1. To quote a famous saying “Well what do you think is going to happen, you moron!?!”

    That teacher is a retired Marine, pretty sure training took over. I see no issue here. Wearing a mask, pointing unknown object into the face of a teacher as they open door. Seems like the perfect recipe to get put on the ground.

    1. Agreed! What did the punk think was going to happen? For every action there’s a consequence. And the mom isn’t doing her son any favors by whining about it. Then again, she’s clearly a snowflake.

  2. What would the witch of a mother have to say if a real school shooter used “senior prank” as a cover to kill her son and others???

  3. Now imagine what could have happened if this teacher had a gun in the classroom. He might have shot this student because he thought the kid was a threat.

    1. That’s what I was going to say.

      1. What if …What if…What if. The kid got what he deserved.

    2. If you are going to be stupid, you better be tough.

    3. No, no, imagine if the teacher had a light sword!! Or a horde of trained attack hamsters!

      1. Or rocks! A bucket of rocks!

        1. Laser rocks!

  4. You run into a classroom with a mask on and holding something up, then the unsuspecting person probably isn’t going to wait to have a reaction. They’re not going to think “oh, it’s just silly string, those lovable scamps” before having a reaction, they’re going to think “someone in a mask is trying to break down the door of my classroom.” Hindsight is 20/20.

    It’s a good lesson for the senior, though. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    1. Quote of the year:
      “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes”

  5. Funny how the same people that want their kids protected in schools are the same ones that cry over a teacher doing just that…protecting himself and the other kids. This is further proof that the practical application of common sense – or common sense training – is absolutely not taught in schools. No common sense, no sex education and no financial training…perfect recipe for a nation full of rubes.
    I bet those kids got a lesson that day though LOL

    1. I know right! That mama should take her stupid kid out behind the wood shed and whoop his ass. Oh wait….that doesn’t happen in this society anymore. Instead, excuses are made.

      1. The teacher whooped the kid’s ass on behalf of the negligent non ass-whooping parent.

        Just another example of an underpaid teacher having to do the parents’ job.

        1. True!

          1. This thread reminded me of John Wayne – Old school swimming lessons:

            1. Ha ha!!

            2. Very similar to the way I learned….except I had to work my way out of a tow sack 1st.

  6. I think that teacher acted approximately. That was a really stupid attempt at a prank, don’t agree with the mother and/or friend’s attempts to rationalize it….js…

  7. The teacher ABSOLUTELY did the right thing. The kids who plan senior pranks should suffer the consequences of their stupidity. Senior pranks show a lack of respect and should not be tolerated. The mother defending the student’s actions is not being very responsible. I guess that is the role model for the student to act in an irresponsible way.

  8. Stupid is forever.

  9. An individual wearing a mask and not wearing a school identification badge, attempted to gain entry to a classroom full of students. And a Del City High School teacher acted to remove the potential threat from his classroom!!!!
    I know who the next year “Teacher of the YEAR” needs to be in Del City!!! He risked his Life for his Students. Even if the threat turned out to be a bogus one. this teacher did not know if it was Mace, or a Gun in that moment?

  10. How lame a senior prank was this anyway? The teacher represented most of us when he took junior down like he did. If not in gut reaction then because these Seniors weren’t cunning enough to figure out how to hide livestock in the principal’s office or disassemble a truck then rebuild it in a classroom. I pity this generation.

  11. On the imaginary scale of Senior Pranks, this one showed zero imagination and Level 5 stupidity. I think the fake car into the school entrance wall prank is the gold standard now, and because principals tend to drive pickups and SUVs, especially in Oklahoma, it might be difficult for the kids to get their vehicle from the parking lot to the roof of the school like they did in the 60’s and 70’s, when Volkswagen Beetles ruled the earth.

    We had “Senior Skip Day,” where even though the administration knew it was gonna happen no matter what and feigned agony and despair prior to the impending unexcused absences, you skipped school and took your demerit like a man because, you know, in three weeks, see ya.

    The ones who stayed behind that day are today’s CEOs and bank presidents – naw, I’m kidding. I have no idea where most of those people are these days.

  12. “Raised by an idiot, become an idiot!”

  13. Aaaand the lawsuit from Mom who says her little angel baby didn’ do nuffin wrong coming in 5….4…..3…..2……

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